Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Harry Potter, X-Men, weddings, cars, and my cat still won't come out of the closet.

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Date: 6/7/06

My sister, her husband, and their two kids left at 7:30 this morning to go back home to Florida after sacking out on all my furniture for the past 3 days.
I am a little freaked out by a few things:
1) How well my niece and nephew get along. They are siblings, but they actually like each other! How freaky.
2) How laid back my niece and nephew are. Seriously. This isn't natural.
3) How disappointed I am to find out that I would make a crappy Lego Jedi. I rented a PS2 for my nephew and he brought up some of his games and well.... I suck. I did start to get the hang of the Pod Race but whatever. At least I got to kill Jar Jar. A. Lot!
4) The size of my sister's husband. He has always been a big man, but OH MY GOD. I don't know what is wrong with him, but he is now very large and well... large. I kept wanting to sneak a picture of him so I could send it to Richard Simmons.
All I know is that it must really suck to be him. And despite the effort it takes him to just stand up, he still goes to work every day.

The visit was pleasant except for all the creepyness, but the kids where great and didn't pester me for a damn thing when I took them to the mall to see X-Men III and now that they are gone, I can Febreeze everything. And my cat will finally come back out after having been in the closet since Saturday night. I got up on tuesday at around 3 AM because of a pounding headache and caught him lurking around in the kitchen, but as soon as he saw it was me he started to meow pitifully and strated purring when I picked him up. He was so freaked by the newcomers and as soon as he heard another noise, (which most likely was snoring!) he took off again and I haven't seen him since.

Which leads me to X-Men III. It didn't suck, but it sure as hell could have been ten times better. At least there was more of Storm, but with about a gazillion other mutants in the film it was a bit lopsided. Some of the mutants didn't even have names. At least, none that I heard. Maybe that was their super-power! Being forgetable! Wow. I think I have that.
After the movie, my nephew was looking through my DVDs and decided he also wanted to watch Harry Potter, Serenity, and War of the Worlds. (He's 10. Is it wrong to show him so much violence and mayhem at that age? Hmmm.... too late.) I watched Harry Potter a few weeks ago and although I liked the last movie, I do have to ask anyone else who has been watching them all: was Dumbledore just a tad mean in this one? He was so demanding and angry all the time! It was odd.

Cars: my dad bought himself a car. Neat trick that considering that the car he traded in was in my name, the insurance is in mine and my mother's name and he doesn't have a license! It's a nice looking car though. Too bad he won't get to keep it.

And last but not least: the wedding was short. And the reception had great eats. The bride, who is my step-niece decided that my parents should be introduced as her grandparents to the crowd before the wedding party came in, but the only problem with that was my dad forgot the wedding was this past weekend and was out showing off his soon to not-be-his-anymore car and my mother and I left for the wedding without him. So, my mother and I were "invited" (told) by the bride to stand with them in the rain to wait to be introduced to the crowd. I was to stand in for my dad, but they didn't tell the DJ about the change in the wording so we were announced as "The grandparents of the bride, Mrs. and Ms. SameLastName" and I can't help but think that some of my BILs idiot family thinking my mother traded in her husband for a much much younger lesbian lover... Ick. It should have been the "grandmother being escorted by her daughter"... How hard is that? Well, doesn't matter much since most of them were drunk anyhow and we took off early with my nephew in tow because the music was just too damn loud. (It wasn't really, it was just crappy music.)

So, after about 5 days of running around, shopping, movie going, and still working, I am really really tired and wish I could take a few days off, but I still have too much to do for my screening on the 23rd and I really can't wait for that to be over, even if I screw it up. (Which is possible! Stay tuned!!)

Firefly quote of the day:
River: "Fire."


LL said...

How disappointing.

What good is having a cat if the kids didn't even torture it? I don't think your sister is raising them right...

NYPinTA said...

Well, except for it being my cat you do have a point! What is the matter with her? Well, I did the best I could in the short time I had to warp them as much as I could. They did give my other cat... lots of attention. No torture. None. Freaks. ;)

LL said...

Did their car at least have a sunroof? :P

trinamick said...

So let me get this straight: you and your cat are both gay? Let the rumor mill turn.

Kathleen said...

A friend of mine sent me here (I told him to read Trina, he decided to read you as well) because he thinks we're clones and that I can help you with your Harry Potter question. Are you talking about the fourth movie? If so, I'll need to re-watch it as I haven't seen it since it came out in the theatre. I'll keep you posted.

Beth said...

Dumbledore seems different since the original passed away. He was very quiet in the first (not wanting to step on Richard's toes) and now is taking a more commanding lead. That's my take on it, but hey, I could be wrong. Do you read the books? They provide a much greater insight. Gosh, that's the dorkiest thing I've ever said -- Harry Potter books offering a greater insight. Geesh.

NYPinTA said...

Howdy Kathleen. I see you on Mr. Schprocks blog all the time. :D
Hope I am as entertaining.

Beth, I have the books but haven't read them. He just seemed so ready to believe the worst in Harry this time around and it was just a bit off to me. *shrugs* But, the rest of the movie was a tad darker too so it might just be sign of the bad things to come for poor Harry and Co.

Trin: for that, you deserve New Girl. :P

trinamick said...

Oh my, in that case, please accept my most humble apologies. Better yet,

NYPinTA said...


What I meant was: You deserve a big fat brand new tazer to use on New Girl.
Dunno why blogger blanked out some of that... Hmmm.... ;P

NYPinTA said...

Oh wait! I forgot my Senifeld moment: "I'm not gay... not that there is anything wrong with that."

mr. schprock said...

Nypinta, your posts are great, but what I really come here for ase the titles.

We need more dad stories. Not that we've reached the limit with your mother, but a little equal time for your father is in order.

BTW, would he stand in my way if I asked your mother to marry me? She's the coolest.

NYPinTA said...

If he keeps pulling stunts like the one with the car, there might not be a "dad" to stand in your way!

mr. schprock said...

For whatever this is worth, I just purchased a ticket to your movie at the Palace Theatre. I don't know if I'll actually make it there, but at least that's one less ticket you have to sell. Good luck!

NYPinTA said...

You're such a sweetie!!

Mom's gonna love you. Or else. ;)

LL said...

You're making your mom go to this thing? Well... I guess she is your older lesbian lover and all that.

Kathleen said...

You have the HP books, but haven't read them??? You really should, they are infinitely better than the movies. And I think you're right about Dumbledore in the 4th book, but it's explained in the later books, so I won't ruin it for you. ;-)

Can any of us compete with Mr. Schprock?

NYPinTA said...

Reading them is on my list of things to do after the screening, along with watching all of Battlestar Galactica on DVD and writing more. And possibly getting a tan.
Hahahahaha. Sorry, that last one alwyas makes me laugh. Stupid Irish skin.

BTW- I've even heard the Dali Lama is jealous of Mr. S. And rightly so.