Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Freak Out

Quote of the day: “The road to success is always under construction.” ~Unknown, who also goes by: Anonymous

Song of the day: “Le Freak c'est Chic” by Chic (No kidding. Kill me now.)

State of mind: a little dizzy

Date: 6/14/06 ~ Flag Day

I’m supposed to go on the radio. I sent a local DJ the Serenity DVD along with a bunch of tickets to promote the very quickly approaching screening on the 23rd. Naturally he loved the movie (Duh) and asked if I would go on the air to talk about the event. After going hysterically blind I agreed.
His producer called once and I wasn’t ready, but it didn’t matter because they ran long that day and didn’t have time for me. *phew* But that was on Thursday, so I’ve been walking around with this knowledge of the up coming potential to shove my foot in my mouth or just sound like a complete idiot while thousands of people are listening, and it’s starting to take it’s toll. I really wish he would call back so I could do it and get it over with! Plus, I would know that tons of people in the area knew about the screening and would come. So far, only those with any computer savvy and a burning desire to know everything that there is to know about Serenity have any clue this is happening. And you all, who apparently have a burning desire to know everything that there is to know about me. (What is wrong with you people?!? :P )
Other then that, I’m kind of in a waiting game at this point. What more can I do? Last minute stuff, that’s what. The kind of thing that I excel at! Let’s just hope this all comes together and that I don’t have to hide on the 23rd. (Which is also the day two of the women that I work with are also taking off because they have kids that are graduating. I had asked for this day off months ago and if they think I’m coming in, they’re nuts. Ok… maybe half a day, but that’s it!)
*sigh* Now would be a good time to develop a drinking problem I think.

Other things to freak out about:
Polar bears are starting to cannibalize each other.
A little “spot” is about to run into the Big Red Spot on Jupiter. (Thanks to Rob. Well, not that he made that second spot and all. He just pointed out the article. Unless you all know something I don’t?)
I entered another fan-fic contest. This time, I have to write a story from the perspective of the bad guy! Ooooooo. I get to be Eeeeevilllllllllllll. Mwuhahahaha.

In non-freak out news: World Cup updates! Just for you. Enjoy. Except Henry. It might bring back some bad memories for you with your injury and all. Don't want you having flash backs! You might never call then.

Oh, and if you're having a crappy day then read this. Good stuff.

Firefly quote of the day:
Wash: “Mine is an evil laugh. Now DIE!”


Spirit Of Owl said...

Coooool! The good thing is, at least with being hysterically blind, you know, it probably doesn't affect radio too much. Hysterically mute, for instance, or deaf, say, might have an effect. But, if blind's your hysteria flava, you're laughing!

And is it an Internet radio station by the way? If so, let me know - I'll be there!

mr. schprock said...

You are going to be a STAR!!!

Kathleen said...

I'd be a basket case too. I'm simply worthless when it comes to public speaking.

Yup, the polar bears are cannibalizing each other, but there's no such thing as global warming.

trinamick said...

I'm sure you'll do mahvelous, dahling. But on the offchance you don't, we'd like a recording of that. :P

NYPinTA said...

LOL. No. :P

Beth said...

I think that's SO awesome! I think you'll do super as well. It's a topic you know AND love!

Henry said...

you get to be evil?
I thought you were evil--with a thin coating of cuteness to hide it...
Maybe I was wring all these years?

NYPinTA said...

Yes. You've been wring all these years. I have a thick layer of cute! :P

LL said...

Brother... :rolleyes:

Somethings definately getting thick in here.