Thursday, May 11, 2006

Santa Claus is sitting in our waiting room.

Quote of the day: "What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death." ~Dave Barry

Song of the day: “Jambi” by Tool


Date: 5/11/06

There is a guy who looks just like Santa Claus sitting in our waiting room, if Santa wore blue jeans. And right next to him is a tiny one-eyed poodle. But they aren’t together.
Today is a Thursday. I only mention that because I took the past two days off to work on the screening and it doesn’t really feel like a Thursday.
I was only marginally productive the past two days. I didn’t get any sponsors, like I had planned. Or get any “swag”, also liked I planned. But, I did get the local DJ to finally talk to me and agree to pimp the event on his morning show for the next month. So, one less thing to freak out about. But I have plenty more. It’s kind of funny when I put down all the things I still need on a list, because then it looks so small. Oh look! Only 5 things! No problem! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sure.
I stopped by the theater to pick up tickets for the reception for the station to give away and pick up a few movie tickets for co-workers when I noticed the time on both are STILL WRONG! I’m gonna have people showing up at 6:00 for the movie when it doesn’t star till 8:00 and 4:30 for a reception that doesn’t begin till 5:30! Well, at least there are about 10 cool bars within a block of the theater if that happens. I guess it’s good then that so far only 45 people have purchased tickets. (And out of that 45, I bought 12.)
(I will have to say this: so far not one person has mentioned my lack up updating on my ridiculous idea to run a marathon since I started this screening thing… which means my evil plan worked! Mwuhahaha. The lengths I will go to not exercise. You have no idea.)
So, I still have my little list to get done, (which I discovered includes a lot of paper work I hadn’t considered! I finally find something I can do that I think will do good and it turns out I’m still stuck filing paperwork. Paperwork is evil! Evil I say!! *sigh* And apparently, my lot in life.), a wedding for my niece to go to- and no, that doesn’t make me feel old. Why do you ask? I went to a bridal shower and 50th wedding anniversary party this past weekend, (and had my hair done up with 42 bobby pins! That’s got to mean something, right? The end of the world perhaps?), and I entered yet another fanfic crossover contest that is due in about 5 days that I haven’t written a word for.
What the hell is wrong with me??? And on top of all that, I am tempted to spend too much money to go to a fundraiser in NYC on Monday just so I can meet Joss Whedon. Or, I was tempted, but I just checked and the good seats are sold out. They weren’t as of just last night… when I was online trying to calculate how long it would take me to get from Broadway to the train station to get the last train out of the city. The one thing that was holding me back was this: I don’t know how to hail a cab. Isn’t that stupid? We don’t hail cabs here. We call them and arrange a ride. It would have sucked to get stuck in the city after midnight because I couldn’t get a cab to give me a ride back to the station in time. NYC smells funny. I don’t like being there for more then a few hours at a time.
Tomorrow I will put up my review of two things: the latest Tool album and this movie I watched called Primer. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Firefly quote of the day:
WASH: Some people juggle geese!


mr. schprock said...

So how's the training for the marathon coming?

You're a good person doing this fundraising thing. I hope it works out that I can go. Maybe I can package it with a trip to NYC afterward and the missus will come with me.

NYPinTA said...

Oh yes! I have got to meet Mrs. Schprock. :D

LL said...

Lola la Loca? Just remember to be on your best behavior.

4:30 you say? Hmmm... I think that's a bit early, don't you think?

mr. schprock said...

"Oh yes! I have got to meet Mrs. Schprock. :D"

Once met, few people forget Mrs. Schprock.

trinamick said...

I would do anything I had to in order to avoid exercise as well. But my choices usually involve a beer, TV, and a couch. Simple is always best.

Beth said...

I have to say, the opening paragraph in your blog was the best one I've ever read. Seriously. True wit.