Monday, May 15, 2006

Ooops. I lied. And Vroom Vrooom!!

Quote of the day: "Beethoven was so hard of hearing, he thought he was a painter." ~George Carlin

Song of the day: “Vicarious” by… well, guess. ;)

State of mind: giddy

Date: 5/15/06

Ok. I lied. I said I would have my review of the latest Tool album up as well as a review of the movie Primer. That will be tomorrow. I have something more embarrassing to me to post.
I, ladies and gentlemen of the blog, had my first senior moment.
Yesterday I was out picking up goodies to make a nice lunch for my mother. I was cruising along, singing a song, when I noticed the light up ahead had just turned red and traffic before me was slowing down. Suddenly, the car zooms forward and as I felt it my first thought was that something was wrong with the engine because it’s been hesitating lately. So, I’m a little freaked because traffic is coming up awfully fast, and the car isn’t stopping, and what the hell am I going to do when I …. Oh. My foot was on the gas.
What the hell was that?! I thought I was stepping on the brakes when I was still on the gas peddle!!?
So, there you have it. I am officially old and a menace to society. That didn’t take long.
Lunch was nice though.

Oh! And return of the ‘hottie of the week’! In honor of his upcoming film, X-Men III, I give you: Hugh Jackman!

Firefly quote of the day:
WASH: Oh, god! What could it be? We're doomed! Who's flyin' this thing? …Oh. Right. That'd be me.


mr. schprock said...

A senior moment? You're just a kid! Now, at MY age — well! — I get those, what'cha callit? — what we were talking about, you know, those things you said — all the time. Yessir.

John said...

Ha ha. You're old.

Please don't hurt me.

LL said...

Niiiiice. I'm just glad that you got it stopped in time. That'd look terrible on a police report.

Stellar said...

Did your engine stall out and you had to get out of the car and crank the engine back up, grandma?

NYPinTA said...

Shut up! My horseless carriage does not need to be cranked!

Spirit Of Owl said...

Well, gettin' a little crotchety ain't ya there, ma'am? Now, don't you go gettin all worked up - just sit yerself down and I'll fix you a nice cup of tea. Would you like a tartan blanket for your knees, and a cake for your head? :P

trinamick said...

HAHAHAHA! The only way that story could have been better is if you had mowed down some seniors in the crosswalk.

No, wait. I guess that would have been tragic. Nevermind.

NYPinTA said...

7 comments and not one making fun of Hugh Jackman. Sweet.

trinamick said...

I think that might be a felony in some states.

LL said...

I was going to, but decided that it's not nice to pick on your elders.

But update your blog already, he's starting to get a little creepy.

NYPinTA said...

Is that really supposed to be incentive for me to post? To keep you from being creeped out?