Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fangirly, that's me.

Quote of the day: "How'd you like a bite of this green apple, America?" ~ Nathan Fillion

Song of the day: "Hi, How Are You Today?" by Ashley MacIsaac

State of mind: back and forth

Date: 5/24/06

Well. I've decided to go to my first fan convention in December. Flanvention II. I'm an idiot.
I was thinking of going, but all the "Big Damn Passes" that included tickets to everything had been sold and I didn't want to just buy a weekend pass and then have to buy everything seperately and get lousy seats for more money. That's just stupid. But then there was a waiting list in case any "Big Damn Passes" became available. I didn't think I had a shot but I guess the other peope on the list ahead of me got other passes so when one became available I snatched it up like something that snatches things up quickly! So, now I get to spend three days across the county hanging out with some of the cast from *drum roll* Firefly. Surprised?
I still have to pay for the flight and the hotel, but I've got months to do that. I just can't believe what a geek I am.

They don't look to scary... right?
(Click to enlarge.)

Oh, and Henry broke his collarbone during some daring heroics... called soccer. Wish him well & a speedy recovery!

And I didn't win the crossover contest. I wasn't surprised. Ertia did an excellent story from Lillian Something Brown's stories involving mystery solving cats. My mother reads those books and loves them. It was a cool story, so no hard feelings. Really. I wasn't robbed at all...

Lastly, you will never believe what came by UPS today! Go on. Guess! Give up? A Hello. Direct. Headset.!! Wonder if it's the same one that haunted John?

Firefly quote of the day:
KAYLEE: Up until the punching, it was a real nice party.


Jim Donahue said...

I saw a commercial for this on TV this morning:

I'm sorry, but I think Joss Whedon has taken marketing tie-ins in a very weird direction.

Shatterfist said...

I saw that Gina Torres is going to be on some new show on FOX. She and Nathan Fillion were both great on the Justice League cartoon - another show that's gone now.

Have fun at the convention thingy. They're fun if you aren't easily freaked out by pople dressed as Klingons.

mr. schprock said...

I don't care — you was robbed!

If i get the chance, I'll read the winning entry.

Ben O. said...

Holy Crap is that interesting!

Ben O.

Iggie said...

I suggest you fly into Burbank International (its right across the street from the hotel) and stay at Burbank Hilton, otherwise you'll have to drive - unless you plan to stay longer. DON'T fly into LAX - it's 40 minutes away over the worst freeways in the world.

Book hotel early - they fill up quick. There have been no available walking-distance hotels to Comic Con since February!

The Flanvention II will be the 3rd fan convention there in a month, the first being the Farscape Con, followed by the BSG Con.

trinamick said...

I have no comment on whether you're an idiot, but when I opened up your blog, a pop-up appeared for The Ringer movie.

That would explain why Henry hasn't updated in forever and a day. Feel better, Henry!

Beth said...

I really liked Firefly. Not enough to hang out with the cast, but it was a good show. LOL

I don't think I'm a hardcore fan of anything. I mean, I like things, but I wouldn't fly to see them or wait in line for them. Maybe if someone was like giving thousands of dollars in gardening crap ... I'd stand in a line for that. =)

LL said...

" I have no comment on whether you're an idiot,"

Boy... I sure could. :P

NYPinTA said...

Well, I do talk to you on a regular basis, so obviously I am an idiot. :P

LL said...

I think that just means I take pity on the spinsterly among us... :ewink: