Friday, April 28, 2006

Just checking in.

Quote of the day: “Just because I ask you to lend me five dollars until the beginning of the next war, does not mean that I'm a frugal person.” ~Nero Wolfe

Song of the day: “Radar Love” by Golden Earring

State of mind: kinda numb

Date: 4/28/06

I have a Peppermint Patty sitting in my desk drawer and a banana on my desk. Guess which one I’m gonna eat.
Other then that, got nothing. Too busy looking wistfully out the window at the gorgeous weather and wishing I were outside instead.
I’ll get to that creepy blog post I mentioned and as a bonus I have another one about my mother. I could give you hints, but it would just ruin it for you.
Also, the cat’s eye is a bit better. I know you were all worried.

Go here for some pretty space pictures. You’re welcome.

Firefly quote of the day:
MAL: This here's a recipe for unpleasantness.


trinamick said...

I'm pretty restless today too. It's 65 degrees here, and everyone but us is closed for Arbor Day. Why can't I leave work and go plant a tree?

Glad to hear your kitty is better. One-eyed cats are just freaky.

LL said...

You'd eat a lovable lesbian Peanuts character? Wow. Just wow.


mr. schprock said...

I want the creepy story! I want the creepy story now!

The banana, right?

NYPinTA said...

You'd eat a lovable lesbian Peanuts character?

That is so wrong!