Friday, March 17, 2006


And people think blogging is a waste of time.

Why Pi?

Edit: four times I have tried to publish this, probably my shortest blog post ever, and four times I have recieved error messages. Think blogger blocks posts that suggest being a blogger is a waste of time? Hmmmm.... I just think it's a little odd that the one time I use those words in that combination suddenly I can't post.
Facist bastards!!! Let me link!!!

"001 EOF while reading from control connection" What the hell does that mean?


trinamick said...

Someone get that kid a life, STAT.

Word verification: wizpan. Most of us just call that a toilet.

Stellar said...

You're not kidding. Anyboyd who knows Pi to more than 70 or 80 places is a friggin' dweeb.

3.14159265359... that's as far as I can go off the top of my head.

Word verification: niplenaw

NYPinTA said...

Does it make me a dweeb to know that Einstein's birthday is 3/14?

LL said...