Monday, February 13, 2006

True Story

Quote of the day: “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” ~Herm Albright

Song of the day: “Time to Waste” by Alkaline Trio

State of mind: ok

Date: 2/13/06

Welcome to Monday, my least favorite day of the week. Waking up in the morning is such a hassle and if I could have put it off, I would have.
I had a pretty cool Saturday. My hearing is back to normal, we only got a few inches of snow and I got mistaken for a 21 year old. Better then a kick in the head!
On Saturday I did a little shopping and went to the liquor store because I decided I wanted to try and invent a drink. I made my selections, (Raspberry Vodka and some Rum) and went to the checkout counter. The girl started to ring up my purchases, then stopped and asked for my ID. When I was 22 this annoyed me. When I was smoking and would buy my cigarettes from the same gas station attendant for months in a row and every day he would ask to see my license, it really annoyed me. This past Saturday, not so much. I pulled it out gladly and handed it to her. She read the date, gave a little laugh, and said, ‘oh, you look so young’. Wheee. Which, I think, proves that like beauty, immaturity is also skin deep.
Then I went to the store, bought some Captain Crunch and kool aid ( See? ;P) and when I got to the check out there was not one, but three different lanes I could have chosen from with NO ONE in line. That almost never happens. Aren’t weekends awesome? (And does it stike anyone else as a bit sad that all it takes is a free checkout line to make me happy?)

Sadly, no more Angel quotes of the day so we are now moving on to *drum roll* Firefly! (Who’s surprised?)
Firefly quote of the day:
MAL: If anyone gets nosy, just, you know... shoot 'em.
ZOE: Shoot 'em?
MAL: Politely.


trinamick said...

The ID thing always irritates me, because it's always someone younger than me who cards me.

As for empty checkout lines, that never fails to make me do the happy dance.

LL said...

You got mistaken as being younger than you are? Wow... no wonder you were giddy this weekend... :ewink:

mr. schprock said...

Hey, I got ID'ed the other day too! And got busted, because I didn't qualify for the Senior Special at the local Friendly's restaurant.

Henry said...

Just what is the senior special at Friendly's?

trinamick said...

A sample basket containing Fixodent, Depends, and Ben Gay.

Henry said...

And lots of 25 cent coffee?

NYPinTA said...

Come on, people! Focus. I got mistaken for a 21 year old!!

LL said...

I feel it's my duty to point out, you didn't get mistaken for a 21 year old. You got mistaken for a 20 year old. Doesn't that make you feel all special?

NYPinTA said...

Woo Hoo!