Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What’s in a name?

Quote of the day: “The secret to creativity is to know how to hide your sources.” ~Albert Einstein

Song of the day: “Only Happy When it Rains” by Garbage

State of mind: tired, and cranky, so I guess I am making the ‘Song of the Day’ a liar.

Date: 1/18/06

We like to name things. People, places, things… it’s a good system in my opinion, but it has one tiny flaw. When the concept of giving things names was first thought of, the idea of an infinite universe wasn’t even considered. But it is infinite. Or at least, very very big. And it has stuff; lots of stuff that we are going to have to name…eventually.
A while back, a tenth planet was discovered. So far, it is called 2003 UB313. Not very catchy, is it? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue. It was nicknamed Xena for a while, but that’s just silly.
I’m not sure whose job it is to pick the new name of 2003 UB313, but I would like to propose the name Hephaestus, because in Greek mythology, he was cast out from Olympus but was allowed to return. It sort of matches the current circumstances. Unfortunately, if they follow the current system the name is going to come from Roman mythology and his Roman name is Vulcan, so I doubt anyone would name it that because of all the giggling.
So, what should its name be? Any ideas?

In other geek loving news, the launch of New Horizons is scrubbed again for today. They are going to try and give it a go on Thursday. Fingers crossed everyone.

Angel quote of the day:
Connor: Do you spend all your time making out with other vampires, like in Anne Rice novels?


Stellar said...

There are standards of practice for naming discovered celestial objects. 2003 UN313 has yet to be classified as a planet. If it were, the name would likely be Persephone after the abducted wife of Pluto; even though that name was taken for an asteroid.

If it were up to me I would name 2003 UN313 - 1988 UB40 in commemoration of that band's first US number 1 single, "Red Red Wine"... but thay didn't ask me.

I'm counting this as a blog update. It was both informative and humorfull.

NYPinTA said...

Says you. :P

Stellar said...

Actually, I typed it.

LL said...

Is Kevin still taken?

Spirit Of Owl said...

They can't call it Vulcan because of the giggles?? It never stopped them with Uranus.

trinamick said...

I prefer Hank myself.

mr. schprock said...

"Is Kevin still taken?"

I'll answer that one: YES!!!

But Todd's still up for grabs.

Stellar said...

How about Todd Bridges?

NYPinTA said...

And Todd Bridges is the Roman god of what?

trinamick said...

Television of course. Instead of a helmet he wears rabbit ears.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Now Trina is Groucho in my head.

Me: "He wears rabbit ears?"

Trina/Groucho: "Yeah, he wears rabbit ears."

Me: "How does he wear them?"

Trina/Groucho: "He rubs them on his pants." ::Waggle eyebrows and cigar - funny walk::

Bdum pshhh.

Jim Donahue said...

I think they should name it Shatner.

NYPinTA said...

^That's brilliant. Both of them are quite out there, aren't they?