Thursday, January 12, 2006

We’re not in OZ anymore.

Quote of the day: “Denny Crane.” ~ Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Song of the day: “Only Me” by NIN

State of mind: annoyed by people who ask questions but then don’t bother paying attention to the ensuing discussion about the solution and then re-ask the same &*()!@#$ question.

Date: 1/12/06

Book update of Wicked. So far, none of the characters are particularly sympathetic and The Land of Oz doesn’t seem like the magical place that it is depicted as being in the original Dorothy-centric story. But then, I am only 30 pages or so in. (I was distracted by LOST being back on. TV rots the brain. Maybe that’s what happened to the women in Cincinnati!)

To answer once and for all the astronaut vs. cavemen question: At the height of the epic battle Capt. Kirk would throw down his rock and give a long and impassioned speech about freedom and what it means to be human and the aliens that had been using them all for a puppet show would be humiliated into letting them go; mostly because they don’t want to look at a half naked William Shatner anymore. (Who does?) But before they all regain their freedom Abraham Lincoln dies in Spock’s arms, because there has to be a moment where Spock has an emotion, despite the fact that he isn’t supposed to. (Star Trek logic. Gotta love it.)
The End.

In the health department, I can say with a smile that I did not eat a salad today, but I did have a nice big bowl of soup. Yummy. (It actually was. I’m not being flip.) But…. Girl Scout cookies arrived today. That was what the salad was for though, right? So I could eat cookies occasionally? Besides, when they are for a charity, the calories don’t count.

Angel quote of the day:
Illyria: You are the Qwa'ha Xahn.
Knox: I am your priest. I am your servant. I am your guide in this world. I've taken your sacraments and placed them close to my heart according to the ancient ways. That's why you were called to me. We're bound together.
Illyria: My last Qwa'ha Xahn was taller.


Spirit Of Owl said...

I love those charity biscuits. And cakes. I love charity biscuits and cakes. And trifles. And chocolate bars. Oh yes, and truffles too. I love them all. God bless charity food.

LL said...

What was in the soup?

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention, could you repeat that? :P

cali said...

You forgot to end it with Kirk and McCoy teasing Spock about his human qualities, then laughing conspiratorially while Spock raises an eyebrow, Chekov and Sulu exchange knowing glances, Uhuru stifles a giggle and Scottie raises a glass of whiskey.

Then Spock gives them all a vulcan death grip for being smartasses.

trinamick said...

Keep the Girl Scout cookies on the top of the fridge. Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the cookies. At least, that's what my 400 lb. Aunt Melda says.

Stellar said...

Astronaut wins. Astronaut simply keeps on the move until the caveman has aged to his/her early thirties at which point the caveman will die of old age.

Jim Donahue said...

Never read "Wicked," but there's another Oz-inspired book that came out around the same time called "Was," by Geoffrey Ryman, which I liked a lot. Worth a look to see if it's in your library at least.