Thursday, January 05, 2006

Social Graces, or a lack there of…

Quote of the day: “No one can insult you without your permission.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Song of the day: “Get Some” by Chevelle

State of mind: cautiously optimistic.

Date: 1/5/06 (Man I can’t believe it is 2006 already!)

I like my co-workers. Well, most of them anyhow. I don’t have a Joe, New Girl, or a Disgusting Girl I Work With.(No link. That guy got himself fired and can't blog anymore.) But some of the co-workers that I like have quirks that occasionally get to me.
I won’t name names, because you won’t know whom the hell I am talking about anyhow, but one woman has the inability to take a compliment. The other day one of the salesmen commented that she looked good and asked how much weight she lost. She hadn’t. She had gained weight and said so in a tone like he had just insulted her. She came upstairs and complained how he had embarrassed her. What? She embarrassed herself. (See my quote of the day above.) What she could have said was, “None actually, but thanks.” Geez Louise! I laughed so hard. It’s so funny when she gets herself all up in arms!

In other news: Despite my recent blog slackingness (which I know that isn’t a word… but it should be), I started another.
So… be careful what you email me. Heh.

In Firefly news: The Sci Fi channel is having a Firefly marathon of every single episode except the first two tomorrow, starting at 8:00 AM. I guess they figured if it was good enough for FOX… Image hosted by

Just for fun: Lets blaspheme together!
Image hosted by
Health update: I’m not eating at McDonalds today. Woo hoo. Progress. ;P

Angel quote of the day:
ANGEL: You were captured at a "free virgin blood" party?


John said...

When you said "see quote of the day" I scrolled up to see it, but only got as far as the song of the day, which I mistook as the quote. I was wondering why you wanted her to "get some." I thought maybe you were just concerned.

I had something else to say, but damned if I know what it was.

NYPinTA said...

Damn, that's funny.

trinamick said...

It's like people who are offended when you compliment something they wear, because it must mean you didn't like what they were wearing the day before. Get a life, psychos.

NYPinTA said...

Ha. Just for that, I made a church sign.

LL said...

And what do you say when you get complimented, eh P? That is... assuming you ever do receive one. :ewink:

Spirit Of Owl said...

Hey you're looking great today, Nyp. And this is a completely excellent post, one of the many superb entries in your magnificent blog.


NYPinTA said...

Thanks Spirit. Glad you liked it.