Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chi Chi’s makes me want to release A Killer Within…

Quote of the day: “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.” ~ Bill Watterson

Song of the day: “Useful Idiot” by Tool (You’ve all missed these guys, haven’t you?)

State of mind: slightly annoyed

Date: 1/17/06

One of my biggest pet peeves as a couch potato is the stupid commercial.
The one that is getting on my nerves lately is the Social Contract Breaking Chi Chi’s salsa commercial. I’m sure you’ve seen it. A woman dressed in scrubs opens the break room refrigerator, spots the Chi Chi’s salsa, sees that someone has put their name on it and ROLLS HER EYES as she takes it for herself. Then, confronted by the very person whose salsa it really is, she plants a kiss on him and walks away with the jar. What does this commercial really say? Stealing is ok? Whoring yourself out for free food is acceptable? What? As someone who has had my lunch stolen from the company fridge, I don’t really find the humor in the commercial at all. And if any of my co-workers had tried planting a kiss on me as payment for stealing my lunch, they’d end up in a body cast.
Which is as clumsy a segue your going to get for the next bit I’m blogging about today:
A Killer Within is on tonight on the Lifetime Channel at 9 EST. I haven’t seen it, but I think Sean Young ends up dead. That alone should make it worth it. ;) Also, it has Ben Browder, (from the very awesome show Farscape.) You all remember him, right? He was my ‘hottie of the week’ on June 23rd of last year. It also has C. Thomas Howell, who is either more famous for The Outsiders, or those creepy Hitchhiker movies. I’m not sure which. But I do know my sister had his face plastered all over her walls when we were kids. I think I blackmailed her into taking them down. Ahh… memories.

Good luck NASA. Sometime today they launch New Horizons which should take about a decade to get to Pluto for a 'fly by'. You can watch the launch on your computer if you like. (It isn't like you're working anyway, is it?)

Angel quote of the day:
Spike: Oh, old broody-pants got you wound up, eh? Keep in mind; he can't get laid without maybe going crazy. Makes it funny.


mr. schprock said...

What if Ben Browder poached your food? What if he gave you a little kiss for it?

NYPinTA said...

Shoot. As with all rules, they have exceptions. ;P But I would still be cross with him.

UprightIguana said...

Finally made it over here to say Howdee.

Coupla things - I get a lot of my comments from a book called The Portable Curmudgeon. Quotes categorized by subject, actors, politicians, etc.

I LOOOVE Good Omens. I hear that Jim Henson has optioned for a while now to make it into a movie (they worked with Neil Gaiman on MirrorMask), and that they were still working at it as of ComicCon, one last try, before releasing it back to Neil. That was from Lisa Henson at the Jim Henson Retrospective.

I love Ben, I do. He's tall, he's cute and he answers questions directly. And what little I've seen of Brad Keller (the director)I like lots. But I can't watch Killer again. I can't. Even if they've fixed the sound.

Henry said...

2:30 new launch now

NYPinTA said...

Hey Iggy! :D
Good Omens is one of the funniest books ever! I lent my copy out, but if she doesn't finish it soon, I may have to reposess it.
I've seen and been tempted by that Portable Curmudgeon. It's on my long list of books I will eventually cave in and buy.

2:30 new launch now
Stupid breezy warm Florida!

Henry said...

thats 1930 zulu
sorry to confuse

trinamick said...

I haven't seen A Killer Within, and I'm always a little skeptical of anything on Lifetime: Television for Idiots. But I might give it a try for ole Benny boy.

And I'm afraid I would even hurt Ben if he messed with my food. I might let him off the hook the first time, but after that he'd be missing a limb.

NYPinTA said...

As long as you don't mess with his face... ;)

Henry said...

doggone it
2:50 now

Isnt chi chis where people got that hepatitis a while back?

NYPinTA said...

Since they obviously promote promiscuity, probably.

LL said...

I never figured out how they got away with naming that restaurant Chi Chi's. Especially since it's spanish for... erm... I'll let our resident spanish teacher tell you what it means.

I take food from the company fridge all the time. Of course it is my fridge, and it's all my food, so is that technically stealing?

cali said...

yup, i really missed those Tool guys - actually i think your listening to them again may have something to do with your thoughts of putting co-workers in body casts.

btw, marmite's that black stuff made from yeast extract, the brit equivalent of the aussies' vegimite - yummy.

Iggie's House of Blog said...

I like Bovril myself, but since it's a British import, its been banned, what with Mad Cows, and all. Its great on toast.