Monday, December 05, 2005


Quote of the day: “I regret nothing, except my hair.” ~Tina Lombardi, A Very Long Engagement.

Song of the day: “Break the Chain” by Fleetwood Mac

State of mind: eh

Date: 12/5/05

Breakfast: a handful of Christmas colored M-n-Ms. Not exactly the breakfast of champions.

I belong to quite a few bulletin boards, mostly for sci-fi. A real shocker, right? Anyhow, on some of the more juvenile boards that I hardly frequent there is a “Versus” phenomenon where someone starts a ‘character vs. character’ thread and everyone debates which one would kick the other’s ass. This post is kind of like that, except no one is going to be throwing down against anyone else. This is a movie vs. movie post. Enjoy.

I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to decorate the tree, wrap the gifts I have already bought, visit friends, go to the movies, and attempt to make a pie, so on and so forth. … but alas, no. I did end up doing an obnoxious amount of laundry and watching a lot of movies at home. I rented both A Very Long Engagement and Suspect Zero on Saturday, which are wildly different movies on the surface but surprisingly similar.
Let’s compare.

One is in French, the other English.
One takes place in 1920, the other present day.
One takes place in France, the other Texas.
One is visually attractive with nice scenery and pleasing colors, the other has a close up of Ben Kingsley while he is both sweating and crying.
One is a romantic mystery while the other is a search for a serial killer.
One has a farting dog, the other does not.

Both are about finding the truth.
Both have a touch of the horrific.
Thomas Mackelway: Where's the boy?
Benjamin O'Ryan: The boy is in pieces under the bed.
(BTW- not to give anything away, but the boy is not under the bed in pieces. That would be too easy.)

So, which one wins the versus game? Hmmm… tough choice, but I will have to go with A Very Long Engagement, despite the subtitles. Why? Well, I would say this: less close ups of Oscar winning stars sweating. Although A Very Long Engagement did have Oscar winner Jodi Foster in an uncompromising position at one point… if you like that sort of thing. (I could have done without it though, but whatever.)

Angel quote of the day:
Angel: You turned evil a lot faster than I thought you would.
Wesley: Nonsense


trinamick said...

I haven't seen the first one, but I liked Suspect Zero. Not that the close-up did anything for me, but I'm kind of a fan of Aaron Eckhart.

Jodie Foster could totally kick the crap out of Ben Kingsley.

mr. schprock said...

Make I take this moment to state that Batman would have no chance whatsoever against Superman in a fight? Unless he cheated and used kryptonite, I mean?

And I'm with Trina. Jodie Foster could totally kick the crap out of me, for that matter.

LL said...

"Although A Very Long Engagement did have Oscar winner Jodi Foster in an uncompromising position at one point…"

:confused: erm... uncompromising? As in "she took a hardline stance and refused to compromise"?

And what are you two smokin? Foster over Kingsley I can see, but over Schprock? Dream on...

Henry said...

I agree with Schprock---Superman would totally kick Batmans ass.

I think Batman could take Spiderman, though.
Especially that Tobey McGuire.

trinamick said...

I don't know, Schprock. Sure Superman can fly, but Batman could just run him over with the Batmobile.

mr. schprock said...

I think the argument might be that Batman could outwit Superman (Batman's stock in trade is his smarts after all), but how far would "Look out behind you! It's Lex Luthor! I'm totally serious, he's standing right behind you and he's holding a big piece of krypto!" get you with the Man of Steel? Not very, I think.

On the other hand, Batman could make Toby McGuire cry with ease.

NYPinTA said...

People, I think you are all forgeting that a large part of winning in a fight is will power, and Batman has that in spades! (Whatever that means...) Superman has always had things handed to him. Super strenght? Born with it. X ray vision? Yep. The ability to fly? With ease. Bruce Wayne had to use his nogin to get all that. Plus, the guy is uber rich so you just know he has some krytonite coated superman repellant device of some kind.

And yeah, he could make Toby cry.

John said...

Who would win in a fight? Superman or Mighty Mouse?

Seriously though, Batman would beat Superman with his mad skillz.