Friday, December 16, 2005

On Vacation

Quote of the day: "I'm Scotish. I can start fires with passive aggression." TV's Craig Ferguson.

Song of the day: "Coming Undone" by Korn.

State of mind: ok

Date: 12/16/05

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been on vacation for the past week. A stay at home kind of vacation. I've done a lot of impulse buying in this past week. All things that I need, like a shovel for the when it snows, and a couple of canvas grocery bags, and Rain X, but when I am working I don't have time to buy those kinds of things. I think that is the real reason for a job. Not to be productive, but to keep you from spending any money that you have on things you think you need but have managed to get along without up until you had a few moments to think about it.
I also got what I needed to attempt making a chocolate cream pie. Wish me luck.
And don't forget that tonight is another fabulous episode of Firefly! Bushwhacked is tonights episode. Reaver fun and a unique hiding place!
If you missed last weeks episode, shame on you! But here is a brief synopsis for ya anyhow. The Train Job is the first episode Fox aired, because they are morons. In this episode, our 'heros' rob a train.
Niska, an infamous master of the criminal underworld hires the crew to steal some cargo off a train on an outer rim planet.
NISKA: Oooh. You do not like I kill this man.
MAL: Oh, no. I'm sure he was a very bad person.
NISKA: My wife's nephew. At dinner, I'm getting earful. There is no way out of that. So, oh! The train job.
Needing the money, Mal and the crew agree to do so and are successful, but not before Mal and Zoe get left behind on the train they just robbed. The rest of the crew refuse to meet with Niska's men in order to complete the 'transaction' until they can get Zoe and Mal off the planet despite Jayne's best efforts to bully them into doing so.
JAYNE: You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I beat you with till you understand who's in ruttin' comand!
While planet side Mal and Zoe discover that what they took was a supply of medicine needed for every person in the colony to survive a degenerative disease exclusive to that world. Inara succeeds in extracting the duo and upon their return to Serenity Mal informs the rest of the crew that the cargo has to go back. Niska's men show up just as they are about to return the cargo and a 'discussion' ensues, ending with Mal giving them the money back.
Mal: We're not thieves... but we are thieves. Point is we're not takin' what's his.
Niska gets his money, the town gets there medicine back, so all good, right? ;) Hardly.
But you have to tune in for the rest to see what I mean.

On another note: holy crap, my dad sings along to "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston!! That is just so... wrong.

Lucy wanted me to let everyone know that she is gone too for a few weeks, so don't fret that she hasn't posted, if fretting is the kind of thing you do.

Angel quote of the day:
Angel: You know that whoosh thing that you do when you're suddenly not there anymore? I love that.


trinamick said...

When your dad signs along with I Will Always Love You, does he use ASL? :P

And yes, we have been sobbing for days that you've been gone. We thought you were dead, but then we read Henry's blog. Henry's blog about you. Henry's blog about you with pictures.

(Psst, Henry, better start running.)

NYPinTA said...

Uh huh. He should.

LL said...

Post? Henry? Blog? Pictures? P? Well... I guess I know where I'm heading now... :elol:

Henry said...

I post a cute picture of the girl I fell in love with almost 20 years ago and what do I get?
Threats of revenge and the like.

Geesh---see if I ever post your picture on my blog again.

mr. schprock said...

I saw the picture. Boy were you a cutie!

Henry said...

She still is Schprock

She still is.....

NYPinTA said...

Geesh---see if I ever post your picture on my blog again.

Mission accomplished then!

LL said...

Bah... don't listen to her Henry. In fact, I think you need to post more of them! :P