Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Winter Serenity Solstice

Quote of the day: “Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.” ~George Carlin

Song of the day: “Baker Baker” by Tori Amos

State of mind: easily distracted

Date: 12/21/05

Don’t have much to say other then Happy Shortest Day of Winter. Or, Happy Panicked Last Shopping Days of the Holiday Season!
I am having trouble thinking of a good gift for my mother. What do you get someone that doesn’t have any real hobbies or interests other then doing crossword puzzles and smoking? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And not to harp on one particular subject on this, my blog, but in Serenity news…
Recently there was an article in Entertainment Weekly (pg 22) and it said this:
..."Alas, Whedon's fond memories are also tainted by Serenity's status as a franchise nonstarter; despite Universal's best marketing efforts, the film only mustered $25 million. (Me here- that figure is domestic only. It’s still playing overseas.) "In the end, it was what it was: a tough sell," says Whedon, adding that it appears that the Firefly saga has reached its conclusion. He has no regrets and he is moving on..." --- Jeff Jensen

As expected, the BBs where all the fans are went a little nuts, as did the blogs.
Luckily, the fellas behind the Big Damn Movie are somewhat tech savvy and they posted this response:

All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had 'closure', what I meant was "I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips." But EW's always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we're clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying "I'd love to do more in this 'verse with these actors in any medium" all I'm saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It's not his fault, he doesn't eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht's not really something I'm prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn't do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

-joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.)

And more from the man himself about the release of the BDM yesterday: (the one you all ran out and bought or rented, right?)

Yes, gentle viewers (and rough, burly viewers) (and viewers who are mostly gentle and kind and then one day WHAM! homicidal rage), it's officially 'SERENITY comes out on DVD' day. Last night as we slept, Santa rode around in his sleigh and delivered shiny, odd-looking DVD's to all the good video stores (The naughty video stores got [insert movie you hate to complete witticism]). Everyone's buying copies, the Whos down in Whoville are all joining hands and singing, the President has declared a National Holiday for himelf lasting four months (again) and all is right with the world except for war and famine and stuff like that. But let's not dwell. What I'm excited about isn't just that fans get their copies, or that the people who decided to wait till vid will pick it up. What I'm excited about is someone who has no idea what SERENITY is getting so bored they decide to give it a shot. When I worked in a video store centuries ago, my favorite moment ever was seeing a young girl watching the monitor where we'd thrown up "Holy Grail" and pulling at her mom's sleeve laughing, saying "Look, mommy, they're using coconuts!" Ahh, the classics.

All I can do is hope the stores display our little film proudly, and that we manage, in our own small way, to sell five hundred billion copies in the first twelve minutes. Reach for the stars, kids. Barring that, I hope that some day a small child will be tugging on a sleeve and saying "Look, Mommy, the intransigent moral rectitude of the antagonist's world view renders him humble to the point of arrogance!" Kids are so cute.

Well, no news to give you; just wanted to take a moment to be with my peeps on this auspicious day. Have fun. You've earned it. Most of you. some of you are just cruising by on other people's hard funwork. You think I don't know!?! But let's not dwell.

Smooches, -joss.

Angel quote of the day:
Spike: Sex with robots is more common than most people think.


LL said...

Hey P... When's that Firefly movie thingy come out on DVD? :P

LL said...

Oh BTW... you can get your mom, what I'm hopefully going to get mine. One of those Homedics Shiatzu massage thingys...

cribcage said...

Thanks for your comment on my entry. I assume you read my opinion before replying to it, so I appreciate your good-natured explanation; although I have to confess, I have no idea what Whedon's incoherent rant is supposed to convey.

Is he alleging that Entertainment Weekly misrepresented him? He might have said so in plain English rather than reaching for a feeble attempt at sarcasm and obscurity (which he promptly beats to death). And if so, what would have been accurate? Is he finished with Firefly movies but wants a return to television? Is he planning to shelve it and come back in 20 years? Or did the reporter just make up the whole thing?

Clearly Whedon's more interested in trying to be witty than actually saying something. And in a way, that's heartening, to see that his casual writing is consistent with his professional work. Both show him to be an adolescent hack.

Merry Christmas!

LL said...

"Clearly Whedon's more interested in trying to be witty than actually saying something. "

Well... yeah.

trinamick said...

"Both show him to be an adolescent hack."

Yeeaaahhh. He's the one that needs to worry about that. Riiggghhtt.

Anyway, I thought his little note was hilarious. Sadly, I forgot to pre-order it, and I purchased Mr. & Mrs. Smith already. Guess it will have to wait until next payday. *sigh*

mr. schprock said...

How about a classy smoking jacket and The New York Times Crossword Puzzle Book for your mom?

NYPinTA said...

The puzzle book is a good idea... thanks.

what I'm hopefully going to get mine.
You mean you don't know if you are going to get it for her or not? Are your two personalities not talking to each other again, LL?

NYPinTA said...

I assume you read my opinion before replying to it...
Silly person. Of course not. :P

I have no problem with people not liking Firefly, or Serenity, or anything else Joss Whedon has done. It's not for everyone.
What does bug me is when people don't like something and so that automatically makes it because the writer or creator is a 'hack'. Did it every occur to you that it might be you. The reason you don't like something is just because you don't like something?
It's possible.

I'm also slightly annoyed by the inevitable comparison to Star Wars. I loved Star Wars (the orginal three) but sci-fi does not begin and end with George Lucas. He just showed the world that sci-fi can make tons and tons of money. That's all. (And that it's possible to over tinker with a movie and ruin it.)
Other then there being a space ship and a goverment that the main characters are not fond of and other superficial similarities, there isn't much else in common between the two actual stories.

Star Wars: coming of age and redemtion.
Serenity: truth, choice, and not getting ate by cannibals.
See? Completely different.

LL said...

"You mean you don't know if you are going to get it for her or not? Are your two personalities not talking to each other again, LL?"

Well, since I haven't made it to town to go Christmas shopping yet, I don't actually know if they'll have any left in stock. I come upon this condition before.

As for those two personalities, they talk to each other just fine thank you. It's the other dozen that I'm not on speaking terms with at the moment...

trinamick said...

C'mon now, LL. It's the holiday season. Can't they all just make up?