Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trivia, or trivial. Whatever.

Quote of the day: “You look pretty in pink.” Alan Shore to Denny Crane on Boston Legal while he was dressed up as a flamingo.

Song of the day: “Don’t Care No More” by Phil Collins

State of mind: Tired and in a bit of shock because it is 70 degrees outside right now. In November!

Date: 11/3/05 aka the day that is 70 degrees out.

I have a ponytail headache. The girls know what I mean, and maybe some of the fellas. There is nothing wrong with a man with long hair… unless you are balding. If you think that look is working for you, I have only one thing to say about that: Michael Bolton.
Damn my head hurts, and now I have an image of Michael Bolton in my head. Not good.
I can’t believe it is November already. Soon the one-year anniversary of this blog will be here. The 11th I believe. Will I do anything special? Doubt it. I mean, why break the trend?

I made my mother watch Batman Begins last night on DVD and if you weren’t sure whether or not it was a good movie (even though I said it was), I am proud to report my mother liked it. In fact she said it was the best Batman movie… which threw me a bit because I didn’t think she cared enough about movies like Batman to differentiate which was the best of the bunch. Mom surprises me sometimes.

Here is a trivia question: What is the name of the guy that wanted Rosa Parks seat on the bus? I have no idea. What a way to not be in the history books. Ha!

Angel quotes of the day:
Lilah: Let's just get it over with. That body's not going to dismember itself, you know.
Wesley: Feel natural?
Faith: Just like riding a biker.


Ben O. said...

Short hair dudes get Ball Cap headaches . . . at least I have before.

Sorry about the Ponytail headache.

NOw I can't get Phil Collins out of my freakin' head.

Ben O.

LL said...

I think the headache is actually kharma for speaking ill of me...

mr. schprock said...

I get vise headaches — you know, from accidently putting my head in a vise and turning the handle until my skull changes shape. Then it's always, "Huh? Wha…? Aw, look at what I did again!"

trinamick said...

I hear ya on the ponytail headaches. I wonder if horses get ponytail buttaches. Inquiring minds and all that.

Today I have a co-worker headache. It comes from the thought that she might never leave and I will be seventy years old, listening to stories of her putting support hose on her naked pervert in a wheelchair.

LL said...

I hate it when that happens Schprock...

NYPinTA said...

I think the headache is actually kharma for speaking ill of me...
Any karma that would come my way from speaking ill of you would probably be the 'sole winner of a record breaking lotto jackpot' variety. :P

NOw I can't get Phil Collins out of my freakin' head.
Oops. :D

LL said...

Then I'm due at least half...