Monday, November 21, 2005

Junk Mail

Quote of the day: It is a sad day, but I can’t think of or find a good quote today. Sad day, indeed.

Song of the day: “Hysteria (I Want it All)” by Muse

State of mind: eh

Date: 11/21/05

I decided to organize all of my papers at home. Considering how little I actually own, you would think this would be a half hour project. Not so. I got it all, put them in piles to go through and set to work...
...4 hours and 3 garbage bags later, I got all of what I deemed important in a file folder… barely.
The problem? Junk mail. Tons of it. And I don’t know why I hang on to it. I get a catalog, (which I may have mentioned is a bit of a weakness for me), and then I see a few things in it that I like, but can’t get for one reason or another. Ok, just one reason. No money. But I think… someday… I guess it is the potential for cool looking décor that keeps me from chucking those shiny paged temptresses away as soon as they arrive.
I decided to let it all go. And do you know what I will find when I get home from work today, sitting on my dining room table (that I hope to exchange for the set on page 238 of the JC Penny catalog from 2003…)? A wireless phone headset from Hello Direct? No. More junk mail. I can just feel it.
I should do all of this, but anyone want to wager on the chances I am going to actually do all that?
Besides, I want to keep on top of what the latest is in home décor, even if I can’t afford it…

Angel quote of the day:
Lorne: Anyone else feel like the last feisty wife in Stepford?
Creature: I just messenger for the Ones Who Love Truly.
Angel: Well, then, I guess it's time to shoot the messenger. Or, you know, chop the messenger into little bitty pieces. Whatever.


Spirit Of Owl said...

LOL Yup, the Owl house junk mail clean-out is something to behold, too! Who ever buys anything from junk mail anyway? Surely it's the least cost effective marketing in the world???

trinamick said...

I recycle my catalogs. That way, I have to get rid of them within the month or I don't get the $5 rebate on my trash bill. It's a great incentive, and it leaves me less broke.

NYPinTA said...

Our trash gets picked up for free, so I don't think they would give me money back for anything.