Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Go Away

Quote of the day: “I love Ho Hos” Joss Whedon

Song of the day: “Citadel” by Anna Nalick

State of mind: preoccupied

Date: 11/2/05 aka Day of the Dead (in Mexico)

Go away, I’m trying to work. Really. Now shoo. Go.
… Aren’t you gone yet?
Ok fine. One random fact about me then you have to leave. I love the smell of apples.
There. Happy?
See ya tomorrow.
Oh! Wait. Come back. I forgot. Tomorrow is Slap a Co-Worker Day. I know of at least one person who should take advantage of this holiday… ;D Enjoy!

And just for the girls, someone I wouldn’t slap… unless he asked me too.

Angel quote of the day:
Angelus: Evil doesn't have to mean sloppy.


Henry said...


Who is that?
He looks like a guy I just saw in a movie.


trinamick said...

Very very nice. I'll take that on a hoagie bun, thanks.

NYPinTA said...

He looks like a guy I just saw in a movie.
Oded Fehr. He was in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, plus other stuff.

John said...

Hey, the Mummy guy! He was in Deuce Bigalow.

Thanks for not posting any links to creepy looking guys playing with their neck holes. Much appreciated.

trinamick said...


LL said...

I think I prefer the guy with the blowhole...

trinamick said...

I wouldn't suggest you using that phrase in a bar. :eek:

LL said...

I suppose it all depends on the bar...

Beth said...

Great quote! I love the smell of baking apple pies. Slightly more fat.