Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Category 8: Oh god! Oh god! We’re all gonna die!

Quote of the day: “Go knock some of those kids over and get me a tootsie roll.” ~ My mom, after the piñata was broke at Skylar’s birthday party.

Song of the day: “Only Happy When it Rains” by Garbage

State of mind: eh

Date: 11/15/05

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and realized the last of the good weather had been washed away. Not exactly a motivator to get moving in the morning, which is already a giant obstacle for me. Mornings I mean. And moving.
The leaves are gone from the trees. It’s gray outside. Blech.
I hate this time of year. It’s just a long wait for the worst of winter. One good thing about this time of year, other then the plethora of shiny catalogs I get in the mail, are the cheesy things networks put on the air for sweeps.
One example: Category 7: The End of the World. I don’t want to give anything away, but there is a really big storm and the world does not end. Sad, I know. Not only do the geeky scientists that aren’t so geeky save the day, (duh), but Shannon Doherty and Randy Quaid did some serious spit swapping at the end of part two. Ugh. Shouldn’t there be serious warnings before something like that? Like: May contain horrific images! Viewers beware.
And now, I have shared that image with all of you.
You’re welcome.

Speaking of bad weather. You’ve all seen the video right? If not, here you go!
A close call.
(It’s not as scary as the Doherty/Quaid image. But it is amazing.)

Angel quote of the day:
Fred: There's been an awful lot of dismembering going on in that basement lately, if you ask me.
Lorne: It's been a busy month.


mr. schprock said...

Shannon Doherty and Randy Quaid? That almost sounds interspecies. Do the network censors allow unnatural, abominable acts these days? Boy, have I been out of it.

trinamick said...

I'm pretty sure that is considered cruel & unusual punishment. Like hearing Anna Nicole describe life with Poppy.

Your weather turned bad because of the vibes I was sending. You're welcome.

NYPinTA said...

"Your weather turned bad because of the vibes I was sending. You're welcome."

LL would be proud. :P

PS- It's 66 degrees today. I guess I spoke too soon.

Henry said...

Are you serious that they made out in that movie?
Wow--thats just shocking.

I cant even picture it.

Ben O. said...

Yet again I am so loving the song of the day today. (switching Winamp to Garbage.

I am the one percent who adores the rain and prefers it to the dry hot cloudless days.

Sorry, can't help.

Ben O.