Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ghost Stories Part II ~ A Haunting Hoax.

Quote of the day: (Compliments of Rob O.) “"Here's all you need to know: Women are crazy and men are stupid and the reason women are crazy is that men are stupid" ~ George Carlin

Song of the day: “All Apologies” by Nirvana

State of mind: tired

Date: 10/27/05

Once upon a time I was involved with a group activity. Shocking, I know. In grade school I was a Brownie, which is a group of girls wearing little brown dresses and beanies and learning the art of exclusion.
The Brownies met twice a week in the cafeteria at the school after classes were over. In our school the cafeteria also doubled as the playhouse with a stage built on one end with the curtains drawn shut. With only a group of about 10-15 girls, the school usually shut half the lights off closest to the stage making it just creepy enough to feed the devious imaginations of bored 8 year olds.
There was one particular bored 8 year old that I was friends with way back then. Her name was Miffy Tuffington. (Not really.) Miffy decided one day that she was going to convince the rest of the girls that the school cafeteria was haunted. Mass hysteria is apparently highly contagious in the kiddie set because it only took 20 minutes. In that time she had them all swearing up and down that they had all seen a mysterious face peeking out from behind the curtains and that shapes were moving outside the windows. For weeks this went on. At random intervals during our Brownie meetings a girl would suddenly scream and jump up pointing at where an apparition had been.
It was hilarious.
If it had been the 1600’s we might have been able to get a few people hung for witchcraft, but no. A few of the girls did quit. Wimps. And the next year we had a different Brownie leader. I doubt she left because of the ghost, but I am reasonably sure it was the high-pitched screaming of the girls that really got to her.
Miffy moved away and we were pen pals for about a month. I hadn’t thought of her for years until Jr. High when in the 8th grade our school put out a yearbook. Included in it was a “Memorable Moments” page where three of the girls I went to Brownies with (who later formed the clique of all cliques in Jr. High and continued it in High School) tried to claim credit for the hoax. Bitches.
Moral of the story? Never trust a Brownie.

Oh, and if this game doesn't give you a headache, nothing will.

Angel quote of the day:
Angel: You got a name?
Manny: I am Manjet. Sacred guardian of the Shen, keeper of the Orb of Ma'at, and devotee of light. Off hours I like Manny.

Edit: holy moly, I have word verification to edit my posts! And this was my word: "NUQFU" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I don't know why that is so funny.


cali said...

Miffy Tuffington - Brilliant! Waaaay better than Friend A.

Henry said...

Bitches, man.

Is she anyone I know?

trinamick said...

I was never a Brownie, but I was the first baby born during Girl Scout Week, so they made me a Girl Scout and gave me a beanie & sash. I was never really a Girl Scout, though.

Holy crap! That game nearly made me hurl. I guess I don't do well with fast-moving scenery.

NYPinTA said...

Is she anyone I know?

That game nearly made me hurl.
Ha. It does move pretty fast. They should rename it "Milk the cow while flying a jet!"

some call me. . .Tim? said...

Bored Brownies, that's hilarious! My friend Gary was in the Boy Scouts, just for the hiking. He didn't care about the badges or moving up the ranks, and they gave him a really hard time because he didn't care about the merit badges.
It seems to be a pattern, befriending atypical scouts, because later I married someone who had been kicked out of the Brownies for asking, during a sewing lesson led by her own mother, who was the Den Mother, "what exactly is this preparing us for?" She later became one of those subversive cheerleaders
(kick him in the head,
kick him in the knee,
kick him in the weenie,
we need a touchdown. )
Does anybody remember the Beverly Hillbillies episode where a character brags about having "all 93 of the Woodchuck Achievement Awards" ?
What about the lines:
"Sing around the campfire,
join the campfire girls?"
Anybody know where this is from? Miffy? Anyone?