Thursday, September 15, 2005

Two for the price of one

Quote of the day: ”I have the heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.” ~ Stephen King

Song of the day: “Trigger Happy Jack” by Poe

State of mind: slightly preoccupied

Date: 9/14/05 & 9/15/05

I didn’t post yesterday because I had to leave work early for yet another vet appointment for my cat Stanley. He has allergies. Seriously. But because of that, I didn’t get to finish yesterdays post so I’ll give you the Readers Digest version today:
My mother worked at the polls on Tuesday for Primary day. The first thing they do is go to the Town Hall and pick up the cases with all the supplies that they will need during the day. Usually they leave what they don’t immediately need in the cases to keep things neat but the new chairman pulled out everything and had it all spread out over the side table, then later in the day as he stood immobile in front of the mess he had made while looking for something my mother said, “You could get a job with FEMA.”
She was kind of proud of that, and you just know that FEMA jokes aren’t going to get old anytime soon.
And that was pretty much it. As well as some complaining from me about being bored back at work because they actually covered my job with competence this time and I didn’t have anything to fix. Which turns out to have been a good thing because as I said, I had to leave early to take my cat Stanley to the vet.
And this is that adventure:
First, I had to stop at the vets to borrow a cat carrier, drive home and catch the cat. He knows now when I’m going to be taking him somewhere and he is pitiful about it. He was slinking and cringing and meowing his head off. I felt bad except that it was hot and muggy yesterday and running back and forth through my apartment was making me cranky. I finally caught him and drove back to the vets where I waited about 20 minutes with a furiously shedding cat and because I had been sweating, it was all sticking to me. We were both miserable.
They checked his eyes and not only is he having another reaction to whatever he is allergic too, he has glaucoma. No kidding. And he could go blind. So, I was given a prescription that they told me to get it filled right away and then come back so they could put in the first drops then I could take him home. Off to the pharmacy I go, back into the muggy late summer heat. I didn’t get home until almost 5 o’clock and what was the point of going back to work then? But I have to bring him back again today. I am not looking forward to it.
When I did get home I got in the mail a letter from the insurance company of the girl who hit my car and just guess what they had to say! Go on, guess. Give up? They said I was 50 percent at fault. Can you believe that?!? For what, being in her way when she made a left into the path of my car. How dare I be where she should not have been trying to go! Stupid insurance companies. I knew this was going to get tedious and annoying. Didn’t I say so?

Angel quote of the day:
Fred: Did you notice the designs on their tunics? Geometric shapes, each a prime number if you count the edges. Arranged in ascending order of exponential accumulation.
Wesley: Yes, I did… not notice that at all.


trinamick said...

I don't know if I would go to all that trouble for my cat. I might just let him go play in the street with the kids from next door.

mr. schprock said...

Are you going to fight the insurance company on that? I can tell you a story about someone who bodily hurtled herself into me while I was riding my bike, but the insurance company…

Hey! Material for a blog post!

But seriously, fight ’em. Fight ’em good!

NYPinTA said...

Well, if you insist.
I don't care about the money... ha. Yes I do. But I care more about it being clear that I in no way am responsible for getting hit by another person's car.

I think my cat would prefer that I didn't go through all the trouble either.

NYPinTA said...

You all must be my good luck charms because I just got a call form the insurance company and they informed me that they just recieved a copy of the accident report and it turns out the other driver changed her story since then and now I am 100 percent not at fault and will be getting all the money due me and my poor car.

trinamick said...

Well, LL can stop his insurance dance now.

Fox said...

I'm feeling guilty about finding it amusing that a cat has allergies. Hope the eyedrops work for him.

I just love it when people update posts in the comments - real time blogging.

LL said...

" Well, LL can stop his insurance dance now."

:rollin: Niiiiice...

Look on the bright side P, now when the neighbors smell the gonja coming from your apartment, you can honestly say it was the cat...