Friday, September 30, 2005


Have I mentioned that Serenity starts today?

Go see this movie. Bring a friend. They why not go see it again?!

Just in case you all were looking for something to do this weekend. ;D

Some reviews:
NY Times
Slate (Warning: Spoilers)


Stellar said...

I'm going to the Sunday show.

It's been on the google news front page all day long. Generally reserved for the most linked news stories of the day.

trinamick said...

It's not here this weekend, and it's not at any theater within a 2 1/2 hr radius. *sob* I hate Hickville.

cali said...

S. is not a scifi fan, but since its my b'day tomorrow, i have a pretty good shot at persuading her to go. Besides, a movie called Serenity seems quite appropriate right now.

John said...

I saw it Friday night. It was great...but now I'm...distraught. I can't say why because of "spoilers." Oh crap! perhaps the very act of saying that was a spoiler. Let's just say, can't say that , either. Dammit!

Alright, what I meant to say was that I'm not distraught at all and everything's just hunky-dory over here. Yup. They certainly didn't do anything in the movie that made me go "Aw, what the hell?!" Go about your lives.

NYPinTA said...

LOL. I saw it today. My review will be up shortly. I will try not to put in any spoilers, but I think it is safe to say 'distraught' because... well, it's Joss Whedon. I think it's a given that something bad is going to happen to someone you don't want it to. He's evil like that.

mr. schprock said...

Daughter Number 2 thinks this movie looks dumb and not worth seeing, but I thought it looked great. Thanks for the back-up. Now I'm definitely going to see it (after The Corpse Bride, of course).