Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monopoly monopolizing my mind

Quote of the day: “Isn't it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?” ~Kelvin Throop III

Song of the day: “Sober” by Tool

State of mind: a little preoccupied

Date: 9/27/05

I can’t believe I am wondering this, but does anyone know who it was that was the first to decide that the money you have to pay out from getting a Chance card during the game of Monopoly should go in the middle of the board instead of in the bank and then be given to the first person after that to land on Free Parking? It’s not in the rules. So who was it? And how did that arbitrary rule spread across the U.S.? It’s been bugging me.

Also, 4 days till Serenity!

Angel quotes of the day: (I skipped a few episodes just for this exchange. Damn Wesley can be cold!)
Wesley: (lying in bed after sex) Hmm. You know that sinking feeling you sometimes get the morning after? It arrived early.
Lilah: It’s like a little death. Several in fact.
Wesley: Get out.
Lilah: What, no sweet kisses, no when can I see you again? Watch the dirty looks. It’s what got me going in the first place. I’ll give you this. You sure know how to channel your rage, frustration, and hate. Always a bigger turn on than love.
Wesley: You still here?
Lilah: (laughs) I’m starting to like you, Wes. But don’t go making more of this than it is. I’m not one of the doey-eyed girls of Angel Investigations. Don’t be thinking about me when I’m gone.
Wesley: I wasn’t thinking about you when you were here.


Henry said...

Things slow at work?


Stellar said...

Actually, that's not how you do it. All fines are paid to the middle of the board and whoever lands on Free Parking gets it. Not Jail. Jail makes no sense. Why would you reward somebody for being bad?

cali said...

Yeah - we used to play that rule in the UK (original!) version - stella's right, its free parking where you get the cash in the middle. The only people who get money for visiting jail are lawyers.

About damn time you started listening to Tool again!

NYPinTA said...

Jail? What are you two talking about??
*whistles innocently*

About damn time you started listening to Tool again!

They are an addiction.

Stellar said...

Sometimes I wish life was as editable as your blog entry fubar.

NYPinTA said...

Me too.

trinamick said...

I have no brilliant answer for you, but I do have another question. Who was it that decided if you were losing at Monopoly you could stage a bank robbery and get rich quick? Whoever it was, they were brilliant.

NYPinTA said...

Damn. Why did I never think of that!?