Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I got cake!!

Quote of the day: “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” ~ Steven Wright

Song of the day: none

State of mind: Surprisingly calm.

Date: 9/13/05

My first day back from vacation and they made me a cake! Isn’t that sweet?

This is how my weekend went:
Saturday, I spent 3 and half hours in a car with my mother sitting in a parking lot waiting for the winner of my very first Ebay sale to come and pick up the car that I sold.
My cell phone battery was dying yet it managed to eek out enough power for the six phone calls I had to make to give the guy directions to get there, even though I did via email and he decided to ignore them. Wrong exit, wrong turn, you name it.
He finally showed up after the sun had set and I got my cash and got out of there.
Then I took my mother out to eat. She had a hankering for Chili’s, so what was I going to do? Say no? I haven’t been in there at night yet and I have to say their music selections are odd. In just one hour I heard J.Lo, Yes, and the Spin Doctors. But the waitress did keep my drink filled so that almost made up for the people in the next booth with their obnoxiously cloying and oh so clever child (can you sense the sarcasm?) that was enjoying throwing anything he could get his hands on all over the place. Almost, but not quite. The mother kept sneezing and it turns out she had a cold, and some of the things that child got his grubby hands on to chuck were her used tissues. Gross.
Sunday I spent watching Dead Zone episodes on DVD and thinking about doing my laundry. I never actually did it, but I thought about it a lot.
Monday, (and I include that as part of my weekend because I took that day off from work as well) was spent in quiet reflection over my life’s path…, which means I watched TV a lot. Then I gave my dad his birthday present, which was most definitely not Rolling Stones tickets. He got a DVD player, because my mother once told me that you should give people gifts of things you want yourself. Not so you can snurch it later… just to guarantee that you aren’t getting someone a lousy gift. In a way, it makes sense. Then I finally did laundry.

Angel quote of the day:
Lorne: I'm pickin' up some hard-cord woo-woo vibes in the room.


trinamick said...

Actually, I thought the purpose of giving someone a gift you would like is so if they don't like it, you can say, "Fine! I'll just keep it, you ungrateful wretch!" Ooh, a gift for me?! I shouldn't have! :P

NYPinTA said...

Well, that too.

cali said...

Wow! I did laundry yesterday too!
Small world, huh?

LucyDDCF said...

well u could have come down here and had a mini vacation!

Henry said...

Yeah i usually call those:
"To you, For Me" gifts
How old is Big Tom these days?

NYPinTA said...

He's still big and his selective hearing is becoming more selective.