Monday, September 26, 2005

Claustrophobia & Catastrophes

Quote of the day: “We have done the impossible. That makes us mighty.” Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

Song of the day: “Come Sail Away” by Styx

State of mind: needing chocolate

Date: 9/26/05

Ever try and remove an unwilling cat from under a waterbed with nothing but a dying flashlight and a back-scratcher? I did. And it isn’t fun.
Despite repeated requests by me for the door to the bedroom, with said offending waterbed, be closed until he was better, it remained open, giving Stanley an escape route come med time. I just let him hide on Saturday, assuming that he would come out eventually to eat, but damn if he isn’t stubborn. By midday Sunday I had had enough and was determined to get him.
I used to be able to scare him out, but he’s hip to that… or whatever. He refused to move.
I went to the side of the bed, but couldn’t reach him. I tried coaxing him. Nope. Poking him with the back-scratcher. Nothing, except to move into the middle of the waterbed… which is an area that baffles me. At the end of the bed there is a little doorway to this storage area but the only thing that could possible fit in there are a pair of cross county skis, or a wayward cat. What is the purpose of this storage space? Are the numbers of skiers that are also waterbed owners so high that the bed warranted this type of design, even for the masses?
Anyhow, Stanley was now in there and he wasn’t coming out. Fed up, I yanked the door off and decided he was coming out one way or the other. I got halfway into that tiny storage space and realized that I would only be able to grab onto him with one hand as I wiggled back out and that was not going to work if he dug his heels in, which is exactly what he did. If there was room for a video camera, I would have recorded the whole silly event for everyone, but as it was, there was barely enough room to breath, and breathing is much more important to me then your amusement. Sorry.
Also, the flashlight went out, and the visions I had of getting stuck in that suddenly very coffin like space was nearly enough for me to say, “the hell with it, cat. Go blind.” But I persevered and he is once again on the mend.

In other news, they have sudoku books at if anyone is interested…. ;P

And lastly, only 5 days until the opening of Serenity, aka the movie everyone should see! Woo hoo!

Angel quote of the day:
Fred: Don’t forget your machete


Beth said...

Cats. I have two in this home and I don't have anything nice to say besides, "they're fur feels nice."

Short Angel quote. Buffy had a good one this morning I was going to write to you, but I forgot it. Duh to me!

trinamick said...

My cat hurled yesterday, so he got thrown out on the porch. I wasn't playing around and he knew it. He just kinda cowered, like he knew he was going to get flying lessons. He was right.

Ben O. said...

Styx are great - Haven't listened to them in awhile.

Ben O.

BTW - is it Styx or The Styx?

NYPinTA said...

Wow trin, your cat hurls a lot... Maybe he likes to fly?
Poor kitty. But the image had my laughing!

I do believe it is just Styx. Not The Styx. I think.

Ben O. said...

Hey ny - check out the blog - I spiffed it up a bit.

Thanks for the hints - I figured my way through it . . .

how does it look?

Ben O.

NYPinTA said...

Nice :D

Aliasrko said...

Is this anything to do with Catastrophobia, the Barbara Hand Clow-coined term that End Times catastrophes are already imbedded in the human psyche/zeitgeist from earlier times (much earlier, like Atlantis), that at some level we can't shake these ancient memories, which makes it even harder to keep it positive Now?