Monday, August 29, 2005

Tired Puppies

Quote of the day: “Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing.” ~ John Erskine

Song of the day: “The Best of What’s Around” by D.M.B.

State of mind: tired

Date: 8/29/05

Damn. August is almost gone.
My feet are tired! This weekend was both Latin Fest and the Friendship festival. Both were on Saturday. Both required a lot of walking.
Latin Fest was the first we went to, venturing out at 2:30. The actual festival started at 12:00 so finding a parking spot was near miraculous… which is why we ended up in the other side of the park, and the lake, from the actual festival. But once we got there the trek was worth it. Perfect weather, the food was great (even if I don’t know what half of it was) and the music was cool. The crowd was 90% Latino, 10% intruders like me. I sat with my friend’s family and even though I know damn well they can all speak English, most of them didn’t that day. But what the hell, it was their day, their festival. Who was I to complain? It was actually pretty cool to be able to just sit back and not be forced to engage in conversation. I had no clue what anyone was saying anyhow. That kind of takes the pressure off.
We walked around and looked at what the venders had to sell. Mostly it was t-shirts that said “Puerto Rico!” or “Brazil!” and knick-knacks with roosters on them. I don’t’ know why. I took some pictures, but unlike festivals they have in Nebraska we have no freaks… at least that I saw. I was very disappointed.
After a few hours we packed back up and headed out and made plans to meet up at my friend’s house three towns away for the Friendship festival. Despite the fact that the town she lives in also has a large Latino population, everyone at this festival spoke English. Damn. We walked around, was less impressed with the food and they had no music, but we did get there in time to watch the fireworks, so it wasn’t a waste after all.
I woke up the next day with aching feet and used it as an excuse to sit around watching the last of Wonderfalls on DVD. I love this show and I know I recommended it once before, but I am doing so again. It made me forget my aching feet. That has to mean something, right?

Angel quote of the day:
Lilah: So you know me.
Cordelia: Please, I was you. With better shoes.


Ben O. said...

Song of the day - Bruce Hornsby "Circus on the Moon"

Sorry about those too tired puppies. Too much walking will do it every time.

Maybe the song of the day should be Paul Simon "Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes"

Would that help?

Ben O.

Henry said...

That just sounds painful Ben O.
Speaking of Nebraska People---whens she get back anyway?
Whoulda thought I would miss those nasty links of hers.

Beth said...

I've figured out the shoes that make my feet feel the best are the ones with zero support ... racing flats. Now I just would like to know why!

I watched Angel yesterday. Spike had a few great quotes. =)

John said...

Puppies are also a nickname for, um, sweater-muffins. Just sayin'.

NYPinTA said...

Sweater muffins?? LOL! Are you still in High School?

John said...

Don't forget funbags.

trinamick said...

Skin drums.

John said...


NYPinTA said...


mr. schprock said...

Welcome to my world. I'm married to a Puerto Rican, and I'm the biggest gringo you ever saw. The Espanol just flows around me and by me.

Cockfighting is a big sport in Puerto Rico — that's the reason for all the roosters.

John said...

You know, cock is also a nickname for, um, oh, nevermind.

Henry said...

John: Can you verify Schprock's "Gringo-ness?"

Just for my curiosity's sake...??

John said...

I'm not sure how to do that. Wait! Do you have a turkey baster I could borrow?

NYPinTA said...

Do you have a turkey baster I could borrow? I don't even want to know...