Monday, August 22, 2005

Sweet, sweet Rose.

Quote of the day: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” ~Mel Brooks

Song of the day: Closure by Chevelle

State of mind: a little dopey from sinus meds, but the colors are pretty…

Date: 8/22/05

True story about my dad:
He sits on the porch all day with the radio playing and his feet up on the railing. He can tell time by what car passes by when or who is out walking their dog. He knows everybody.
The other day a couple of ladies stopped by to drop off some “literature”. He politely told them he didn’t want any but they left him a pamphlet anyhow. He didn’t argue about it because they noticed our cat Misty in the window and proceeded to coo over her, which is a sure way into his good graces. While there they mentioned the neighbor lady, (We will call her Rose, because that is her name. Hey- I don’t protect anybody!), who yelled at them and told them to “get off her f**king porch and never come back”. What a sweetheart. He laughed because he knows how ornery she can be.
After the ladies left, he walked down to Rose’s house and put the pamphlet on her door. As soon as she got home she called him to bitch because she knew exactly who put it there and she was not amused.
A few days later, the ladies were back. (I guess our street is the only one in the city that needs saving.) They stopped to chat with my dad but didn’t try to push any more literature on him. During the course of the conversation he mentioned giving the pamphlet to Rose. “Oh!” one of the ladies exclaimed, “oh she was very adamant about us ever coming on to her property again!”
“Nah. She was just having a bad day”, my father replied. “When she saw the pamphlet you left me she took it home and said she was going to read it right away.”
So, in good faith my dad wasn’t lying to them (silly women) they headed off to her house.
A few minutes later, Rose drove by the house flipping my dad the bird.

Angel quote of the day:
Gunn: No matter what else, I think I proved that you could trust me when I could have killed you and I didn't.
Angel: No, you'll prove I can trust you when the day comes that you have to kill me, and you do.


Henry said...

You're Dad DOES know everyone. He's something.

Those types knocked on my door and asked for my brother. I told them he wasn't here--so they dropped off literature and left. Same thing a few weeks later--asked for him and left. I was offended at first--what I'm not worth saving? Then I just laughed everytime they cam back and asked for him. Weird.

trinamick said...

Well, next time you're going to have to tell them you don't want to be left out. He must have taken something from them, and they were trying to see if he read it and found a way to save you yet.

mr. schprock said...

What a grand ol' gal that Rose must be!

Your dad couldn't have misinterpreted that hand gesture, could he? Might have been the sign of the cross.

Ben O. said...

Hey thanks for adding me to your blog links. I think you might actually be the first. Sorry, I'm all our of awards, though. You'll just have to settle for my undying gratitude . . . or something like that.

Ben O.

BTW - thanks for assuring that everyone will be nice to me. It is so great to have people looking out for newbies out if the kindness of their hearts . . . or something like that.

NYPinTA said...

Sure. No problem. Just don't screw it up by having a crappy blog. :P Pressure is on now!

and they were trying to see if he read it and found a way to save you yet.

I don't need saving! Besides, he had to be the one to read it. Every time I try it bursts into flames all of a sudden. I don't know why...

Might have been the sign of the cross. Heh. Sure.

cali said...

I'm sooo glad you finally deleted that link to that stupid list blog by that stupid steve t character.

Yer dad seems quite a character! Actually, so does his neighbor - I smell a sitcom.

Stellar said...

He laughed because he knows how ornery she can be.

Oh, me so ornery, me love you long time.

LL said...

" Sure. No problem. Just don't screw it up by having a crappy blog."

Pffft... if that's not the pot warning the kettle about turning black...


Beth said...

I've been out of the loop for a while, but loved this story.

Of course, as a fellow Angel fan, I dug the quotes as well!

Beth said...

Oh, and I wanted to add you to my list of links as well. If you mind, please, let me know!

NYPinTA said...

Don't mind at all. :)