Friday, August 19, 2005

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Quote of the day: “The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.” ~ Carl Sagan

Song of the day: Radar Love by Golden Earring

State of mind: happy it is Friday, and two of three bosses are not here today!

Date: 8/19/05

I am slightly annoyed because I was going to do a post about how much I think Shaquille Oneill (Oneal? Oneil?) is an ass for shining spotlights into the bay where he lives in Miami, but I wanted links to prove what I was saying was true. I swear it was on the news last night. He has a mansion with a yard facing the bay and in his yard he installed huge spotlights that face outwards over the bay and onto the homes on the other side. Naturally, the people living in the houses on the other side of the bay are angry because his lights are ruining their view. His response: “If they don’t like it, they should pull the shade down.” Excuse me? What?! Why in the hell should dozens of other people have to change how they live (even just a little) because some jerk likes to waste electricity?
I emailed my local news asking for a link, but they haven’t responded yet. I bet they are getting a bit annoyed with me pestering them all the time. At least they respond. I never got a reply from CNN when I emailed them asking why they didn’t bother to mention that the man on death row that was asking for a stay so he could donate an organ to a family member had hepatitis B and that was why his request was denied. That would have been a handy bit of info for the viewers who are making opinions based on the story and the facts therein; or not therein, because they didn’t mention them. Maybe it was a typo. A paragraph long typo.
Wow, it’s like I actually thing it’s their job to give all the pertinent facts when reporting a story to the general public! What is that matter with me?
I once emailed the network nightly news about a story on the Homeland Security conference in Hawaii where the attendees were skipping seminars to go snorkeling. I wanted to know more. Too bad I emailed the wrong station. Heh. They were helpful though anyhow and gave me links to the other channel’s story.
I guess the rule is this: local news, very helpful. Network news, helpful. Cable news, not so much.
Anyhow, back to Shaq. Shut off your damn lights! Light pollution is a bit of a touchy subject with me since I grew up in a small town that didn’t really suffer from it and had great views of the night sky all during childhood. Now, I live in the city and haven’t seen a complete constellation for almost a decade. There is no reason why his spotlights should be shining with full force onto the water. If all he is doing is trying to light up his yard, then the lights can be redirected to do so without ruining the views of his neighbors, who I bet where there first. Maybe dark water freaks him out. Maybe this whole nasty business is the result of some deep seated phobia!
Or, it could be he's just an ass.

BTW- don't forget, Firefly is on tonight on the Sci Fi channel at 7:00 (EST) Check your local listings! :D You'll be glad you did.

Angel quotes of the day:
Angel: How come he’s not screaming in pain?
Skip: Oh, he is. My will prevents him from being heard. I mean, there’s only so many ‘oh my God, the pain, please make it stops’ you can listen to before it starts to bug the crap out of you.
Angel: I see your point.
Cordelia: Wow, you know? Next to you I am downright linear.


trinamick said...

I can't stand Shaq. IMO, he's another one of those showboating athletes that think they can tread on all the little people because they have money. Idiot.

I have a full view of the sky every night in my back yard, but it's clearer at my mom's outside of town. Nothing else like it.

Ben O. said...

Has anyone gone in to check on Shaq lately? He might have overdosed on those IcyHot backpatches. They say once you start, you just can't stop.

I have images of him laying there totally covered head to to with backpatches . . . and all the while the pool lights shine on.

Ben O.

cali said...

After the whole Shaq-Kobe thing and the Lakers-Heat situation I actually started to re-appraise my opinion of Shaq as a stupid, ego-driven asshole. Thanks for putting me back on track NYPi.
btw - I'm pretty impressed that your local news gets back to you.

John said...

That guy is friggin' HUGE. If he wants to shine his light in my backyard, he won't be finding any flaming bags of poop on his lawn from me. I like my spinal chord just the way it is; not split in two.

JustTerry said...

I am way to off kilter to post a coherent comment. I hopwe and reply later, love you, the best i can with anumb tounge (yeah beg baby)

Beth said...

Oh, no you didn't! You did NOT quote "Angel" my second favorite show in the whole world??? I am so glad I cam ehere off of Schprock's blog. I loved your blog and think Shaq is being a complete ass if the story is true. Why does he want his house all lit up? Just to look at it from afar or what?

mr. schprock said...

When Shaq first came into the NBA, my studio had an account with Reebok. They had us do a promotion using a template of the bottom of Shaq's shoe. I placed it on the floor, put my foot on it, and promptly went into shock.

He might be wrong, but damn! He's BIG and wrong!

NYPinTA said...

btw - I'm pretty impressed that your local news gets back to you. It's because I'm irresistable! :P
Or it's because they don't have anything else to do. Whatever.

Oh, no you didn't! You did NOT quote "Angel"...
Yep. I did. And I try to do it everyday. :D

I don't know why he needs his yard all lit up like it is. Maybe he's addicted to stadium lighting and can't move about without them?
More towns need to pass light pollution ordiances(spelling?)so people can't just do that IMO.