Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Help me Vanna White!

Quote of the day: "Que la Force soit avec toi." (May the Force be with you, in French.)

Song of the day: “After The Flesh” by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

State of mind: somewhere else

Date: 8/16/05

I’ve decided to learn French. I bought CDs and everything. I was listening to them last night, and maybe it is because I am unaccustomed to the French language, but I think they hate consonants over there. I was following along in my book as they were speaking and there would be a sentence consisting of seven or eight words, but on the CD it sounds like just three. I swear! The only time I heard a consonant was at the beginning of the sentence or in a person’s name. Maybe I got the French For The Un-enunciators. Or the drunken slurry version. Must be all that wine they drink.

And speaking of Vanna White, here is a bit of trivia about me: I went to my High School prom. Oddly, it was the only 'school orientated' thing that I did in my four years there, but I went. The dress I wore, (that I spent hours looking for because I, as a metal head, had an image to uphold and did not want to look like a dork), was the same dress Vanna White wore on Wheel of Fortune a week before our prom. I don't think anyone noticed. At least, I hope not.

Back by popular demand (by me)! Hottie of the week!
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Soon to be seen in a theater near you! September 30th. Mark that date! ;P

Angel quote of the day:
Cordelia: Trust me. Tacos everywhere.


trinamick said...

Already marked and duly noted. Very nice pic you got there.

I didn't go to my prom. I didn't like most of the people in my class anyway. I'm sure I stayed home and did something way cooler. Yeah, that's it.

NYPinTA said...

Cooler then dancing in the Jr. High cafeteria with a guy in a white tuxedo? Oh, I doubt that!

Stellar said...

Voules-vous baiser avec moi?

NYPinTA said...

What is 'baiser'?

NYPinTA said...

Nevermind, got it. LOL! And no.

John said...

Lots of people gripe about the French. "Oh, the French suck. Blah, blah, blah! I'm a complete tool!"

Me, I've got nothing against the French people, but dear God I hate the French language! You can't say anything in French without sounding like you're about to throw up.

trinamick said...

I've always thought it sounded like excessive mucus buildup. Comes from eating too much French bread, I suspect.

NYPinTA said...


cali said...

Et pourquoi?

NYPinTA said...

pourquoi pas? :)
Besides, I tried spanish and no habla even today. (But I blame most of that on High School. My spanish teacher didn't even speak spanish!)

mr. schprock said...

My two favorite languages to listen to are French and Italian, especially Italian.

Maybe you'll wind up meeting a Gomez Addams-type who will get all turned on when you speak French.

And just what does "voulez-vous brassiere avec moi" mean anyway?

Henry said...

Whenever I hear French Speaking Persons--I think of Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure

"Au voir Pee Wee"

"Blahbluh Simone!!"

Jim Donahue said...

I've tried to teach myself Spanish by listenting to CDs in the car, but I find the repetition to be almost hypnotizing--I just can't listen to that and drive safely.

On the way up to Canada last year, I listened to some teach-yourself-French CDs, but the guy teaching was WAY intimidating. He kept browbeating one of the "students" on the CD. Even in the comfort of my car, I got uncomfortable listening.

trinamick said...

I tried to learn sign language on a CD in my car, but I couldn't get the speakers to turn up high enough.

NYPinTA said...


Maybe you'll wind up meeting a Gomez Addams-type who will get all turned on when you speak French. Are you trying to get me to not learn French? ;)

He kept browbeating one of the "students" on the CD. Serious? That's hilarious! Maybe that was supposed to make you feel like the smart one?

mr. schprock said...

"Are you trying to get me to not learn French? ;)"

You mean you wouldn't like it to hear someone exclaim, "Tish! That's French!" and start smooching up and down your arm?

"He kept browbeating one of the 'students' on the CD."

No, you see, that's the special "Learn How to Talk Like a French Waiter" CD.

John said...

Well, geez, if you're not going to post something new, go read my P. Diddy story.

NYPinTA said...

Now you're spamming!? Damn.