Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom.

Quote of the day: “The purpose of life is to fight maturity.” ~ Dick Werthimer

Song of the day: “Consider This” by Anna Nalick

State of mind: Started out pretty bad, but slowly getting better.

Date: 8/2/05

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. I won’t say which one but the phrase ‘older then dirt’ was used… by me… but just the once.
Being born in August makes her a Leo. Leo the lion, which is the exact opposite of how she really is, (unless you picture lions as being passive aggressive women with extra thick glasses and smoking man cigarettes while reading the paper, because that is pretty much her.) I’ve become convinced that she is just going to fade away quietly into that long good night with out so much as a fuss or fight, which pisses me off to no end. It bugs me the complete lack of effort she puts into anything to benefit herself. I think it annoys me so much because I know I am the same way most of the time. (At least I have the good sense to know it isn’t good to be so sedate. I have to prod her to get moving sometimes. I can tell by the way she settles into the couch that she doesn’t intend on moving from it for the rest of the day so I walk around saying, “What are your plans?” and, “Are you going to do ANYTHING today?” multiple times until eventually she gathers up enough energy to maybe put all the newspaper in a pile for recycling or moves her shoes so I can vacuum around her. Seriously. AROUND HER!)
She almost got away with no one at her work finding out it was her birthday, but her supervisor figured it out and squealed to everyone else. The Burmese-Thailand Freedom Fighter was annoyed she hadn't told him it was her birthday, and really, do you ever want someone like that mad at you? He was also “kind” enough to lend her his DVD of “The Whole 10 Yards.” Savor that. A former freedom fighter is lending my mother comedy DVDs. Huh. Isn’t life funny?
Anyhow, Happy Birthday Mom. Now, get off the couch and do something.

Angel quote of the day:
Angel: Hey, guess who stabbed me?


Henry said...

Its her birthday--maybe she wants to sit around and read the paper, smoking and occasionally looking up at the TV. Let her do it.
Shes been doing that for as long as I have known her...geez almost 20 years now. She was actually younger than dirt when I first met her....wow, huh.

Henry said...

Oh and make sure you tell her I said:
"MOM---Happy birthday."

cali said...

Happy Birthday NYPi's mom!
Yeah, i wouldn't to piss that guy off - he might get flashbacks to the mango tree incident. Or maybe that's what happened when he bought the Whole Ten Yards on DVD - how else can u explain it?

NYPinTA said...

It's gotta be the post traumatic stress, I agree.

"Its her birthday--maybe she wants to sit around and read the paper, smoking and occasionally looking up at the TV. Let her do it."

Brown noser! :P

trinamick said...

My mom is the exact opposite - always on the go, never slowing down, constantly nagging at me to get off the couch.

John said...

Nobody ever loves ya like ya mum! (Mum!)
Everything we owe, we owe to mum! (Mum!)
Even when she whacks ya on the bum! (Mum!)
Mum's the word, and so the word is mum! (Mum!)
That's me mum! (Mum!)

No rules. Just right.
Dear God, I need to get out more.

mr. schprock said...

Hey, remember this is the woman I wanted to marry you're talking about!

…um, if I wasn't already married, I mean.