Thursday, August 18, 2005

Drive for the Cure

Quote of the day: “Be charitable before wealth makes thee covetous.” ~Sir Thomas Browne
I’ve been charitable. Now I am waiting for my wealth so I can become covetous. ~Me.

Song of the day: none. Well sorta. See below. *

State of mind: positive, but having a hard time concentrating because it is so damn pretty outside!

Date: 8/18/05

Today is the Drive for the Cure. It is a thing we do every year where the Susan G. Koman foundation shows up with a fleet of BMW’s all painted white and pink, and customers come for a free test ride on a specific course that is about 14 miles long. For every mile that is put on this special fleet of cars, BMW gives a dollar to the Foundation. After their time here, the fleet then moves on to the next BMW dealership, eventually covering the entire county. That is a lot of miles.
It’s pretty fun because a) no one really does any work on this day, b) free lunch, c) we get to drive the cars too, d) the route the GM chose includes a long stretch on a road hardly used but well maintained so you can really floor it! Not that I am advocating speeding, but come on! Brand new BMW’s! They are just begging to go fast.
One of the salesmen offered to give free breast exams… * sigh * Salesmen. I am pretty sure the Foundation members here to oversee the Drive said no. At least, I hope so.

Edit: Update! I took a 5 series out for a drive! And that stretch of road I mentioned? Just Paved! The "Please Speed" gods were happy. And me too. Wooo Hooo! :D

*For some reason, two songs are in my head that are morphing together in pretty disturbing ways. It’s “Lady Marmalade”, the Moulin Rouge version and Wild Cherry’s “Play the Funky Music”. Could I have chose two more different songs to get stuck in my head? I think not. This may be related to my desire to learn French that is partially to blame, because the line: “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir,
Voulez vous coucher avec moi,” keeps circling my brain, but for some reason it is followed by, “and lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die.” I think I need medication. This can’t be normal.

Also, just a quick note to say that I told my mother the worlds funniest joke, and she did indeed laugh.

Angel quote of the day:
Gunn: “I'm so glad to know we're not the sad people obsessed with demons."


Henry said...

Was she reading the paper when you told her?

Shes awesome.

NYPinTA said...

I made her put the paper down so I could have her entire attention. Then she did the crossword.

mr. schprock said...

Respect the power of the world's funniest joke and use it wisely. With awesome power comes awesome responsibility.

trinamick said...

Man, you get Drive for the Cure?! All we got was Relay for Life. We had to hoof it around a track instead of cruisin' in a BMW. Robbed again!