Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Idleness and Monopoly

Quote of the Day: “There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.” ~Mary Wilson Little

Song of the Day: “Angel Standing By” by Jewel

State of mind: cranky

Date: 7/5/05

I’m cranky, hungry, and my eyes aren’t working right today. They get blurry sometimes and there isn’t anything I can do about it. Seems, my eyelashes don’t work right. I could explain how, but I like being a mystery.
My goals were completely unattained this weekend by the simple fact that I didn’t do a damn thing. Perfect weather doesn’t come along everyday so you have to wallow in it when it does. Besides, all the things I had to do are the kinds of things I tell myself I have to do just to fill up my time. I don’t really have to reorganize my CDs in alphabetical order, or write one or two pages of anything. I mean, I like having organized CDs and writing a couple of pages but in the words of the Tick: “Does it matter? Does it really anti-matter?” No. I don’t think it does. So, I relaxed and listened to un-alphabetical CDs and chilled.
I did get some laundry done, but that falls into the ‘no choice’ category since it was either that or not have any underwear… and that, like failure, is not an option.
I watched some of the Live 8 concert on VH1. It was pretty frustrating hearing someone I wanted to listen too playing in the background of the VJ’s and then have VH1 go to tape of someone I am not that interested in. And why were they only showing footage of the three of the concerts, London, Philly, and the one in Canada? Weren’t there concerts going on elsewhere? I thought they were taking place on 4 different continents… and last I checked Canada and the US are on the same one. Eh… whatever. I got to see Pink Floyd together again and looking like such regular guys it was funny. Also, it’s nice to know that Americans aren’t the only ones that leave behind copious amounts of trash at the end of a free concert. The Brits do it too. * sigh * Slobs.
I also discovered that my brother in law collects Monopoly games. Seriously. I bought him one while over at Amazon.com the other day because 1) his birthday is coming up and 2) I am a sucker. But it makes you wonder how it is some people come to collect the things that they do. I’ve always wanted to collect something, but never got around to it. Do catalogs count? I don’t think so. My father collects cat figurines, but not because he pays for them, it's because I keep buying them for him and I do that only because he has a cat. He really needs a hobby. If he had one, I would know what to buy for him... which makes it his fault entirely. So far, he has a lot of sleeping cat figurines and one of a cat with its paws up and eyes wide about to freak out, because really, what else do cats do? Sleep, and freak out. I suppose I could find one of a cat using a litter box, but I bet Hallmark or Lenox don’t make those…

PS- Anyone else looking forward to all the back and forth crap we are in for now that Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down?? *sigh* Yeah... This is going to be the Summer of Fun, I can tell already.

Angel quote of the Day:
Cordelia: "Do you know what he’s gonna do to me when he finds out I let his car get stolen? What are the chances that a vampire has full insurance with a low deductible?"


trinamick said...

My boss is buddies with Sandra's brother Alan, so maybe she'll come visit us at the office. That would be cool. Alan comes fishing here. I bet she'd be a formidable fisherman. I have nothing to base that on, just a hunch.

I collect wolf stuff. I mentioned that I loved wolves, and people started buying me crap. I should have said I loved money.

mr. schprock said...

Too bad about Sandra Day O'Connor, because, to quote Bart Simpson, "what we need is more chicks on the bench!"

I wish you'd explain that eyelash thing, because sometimes my eyes get blurry too. I just assume they're more tired than usual.