Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Henry!

Quote of the Day: “When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.” ~Gracie Allen

Song of the Day: “Everybody Wants Some” by Van Halen

State of mind: a tad bit better then yesterday

Date: 7/8/05 also known as Henry’s Birthday!!

I was debating whether or not I should do a ‘Henry Story’ in honor of his birthday, but maybe the better present would be for me to keep my mouth shut. We’ll let him decide…

Oh the hell with it, this is my blog after all!
This is the story of the first day I got to ride in his little Ford Festiva, also known as the Putt Putt car. (Actually, I may have been the only one to call it that…) It was red and shiny and oh so tiny! I remember being at home and sitting in my living room when I suddenly had the notion that I should look out my window… and there was this tiny red car that I did not recognize and the driver was just sitting there. So, I did what any fearless teenager would do, I sent my mother out to find out who it was.
She went, and on the way down the hill to confront this mysterious stranger, she stepped in a dog hole and tripped, totally losing any semblance of intimidation she was trying to foster. But she soldiered on and walked over to the car only to find Henry in the drivers seat and was quite annoyed it wasn’t someone she could be mean to for sitting in front of her house in their car. Plus I think she was embarrassed that she tripped.
So, once his identity was established, we left and he tried to kill me with his car.
One thing that teenage boys should not have in their cars is a stereo blaring Jimi Hendrix while they drive.
Where I grew up there are a lot of ‘back roads’ that were frequented only by the people who lived on them or teenagers out joyriding. One was a curvy road that had a steep hill followed by a hairpin turn. I know this because I used to ride my bike down that hill all the time. I don’t think Henry knew this because as we flew down the hill with him banging on the steering wheel in time to Purple Haze, I watched in horror as the hairpin turn got closer and closer while saying the most brilliant of things to get his attention, which was: umm…. ummm. At the last minute he saw the danger and we made it around the corner, barely. I swear we were on two wheels. (I’m sure he has a slightly different take on the events, but too bad.)
After I started breathing again I think I yelled at him. I can’t quite recall. I’m sure I wanted to.
Since them I have gotten accustomed to his driving style and feel no twinge of doubt that I would make it to whatever destination unharmed. In fact, one of my favorite things was a road trip with him driving. (Except the time he hit a fox on the thruway… but that wasn’t really his fault.)

In other news, the Finance Officer is on vacation in Hawaii and she sent me a picture of the view from her balcony… and I am trying real hard to not hate her right now. :P
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Angel quote of the day:
Swami: How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse do you think are going to be using that hair gel. Don't get me wrong, you’re out there, fighting ultimate evil, you're gonna want something with hold.


trinamick said...

Ahh, the glory days of road trips, back roads, and hairpin turns. Many times I have wondered if I was going to live through someone else's driving or if I would die in a pasture.

Glad to know your faith in him improved. I'd be a little concerned if you continued riding with him while waiting for your demise.

NYPinTA said...

Well, compared to how all my other friends drive, that incident is pale by comparison. LOL.
A friend of mine hit a cop car once. And that was just one of the many dumb things he did in a car. Maybe I'll tell that story another day.

Scott said...

Man, Gracie Allen rules! I've had a few close calls of my own, without them we'd have nothing to write about.

Brian said...

Its ok to hate someone who's in Hawaii...Go for it

mr. schprock said...

You should try riding in a car with my wife driving. Gas pedal–brake, gas pedal–brake. It's like being stuck in an out-of-control zoom lense.

Henry said...

Remember the time you me and mary went out for a spin in my camaro? We almost slid on rocks out onto 9W?
Mr Schprock--my wifes the same way--I told her she doesnt have to push it all the way for it to work.

NYPinTA said...

Says the man who once told me, with pride BTW, that his goal was to always go twice the suggested speed around corners.

Henry said...

I can't believe you remember that...

But thanks for the birthday wishes!!

Do you remember the time we went to provincial park?

NYPinTA said...

I remember everything. ;)

NYPinTA said...

Except Park names... which one was that?

Spirit Of Owl said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!!

Men who drive cars fast with chicks in the passenger seat, eh? Huh. Who'd o' thought?

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

It is so hard to give up control and be the passanger in a car...I don't trust other people!

John said... long are we celebrating Henry's birthday, anyway?

NYPinTA said...

Till his hangover is gone.