Thursday, July 21, 2005

Good news!

Quote of the day: “The ship hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” ~Douglas Adams

Song of the day: “Rain” by Breaking Benjamin

State of mind: tired, but otherwise ok.

Date: 7/21/05

I have good news. It seems I don’t scream like a little girl during car accidents. Too bad that in order to find that out, I had to be in one.
Yesterday I was going to go shopping to buy new underwear, but changed my mind because I was tired from doing nothing at work all day again, and on my way home a girl tried to make a left in an intersection I was going straight through. I hit the brakes and swerved to the right, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the front end of her car as my poor car can testify too with the large red strip now down the drivers side. You could say it’s a racing stripe, but please don’t.
What amazes me is that as soon as I saw her in my lane my brain shut off ( I think from the shock of seeing something where that something should not be) and my reflexes kicked in. It was practically Zen... until I stopped and every swear word ever imagined bloomed in my head like a 4th of July fireworks finale. I pulled over and slammed my car into park, (which actually made me feel a little bit better), then yelled, “She hit my fucking car!!!” to no one in particular. That made me feel better too. By that time whatever adrenaline that had flooded my body began to fade so I was a bit shaky as I got out of the car and surveyed the damage, which is worse on my car then hers. Naturally. *sigh* My shakiness was replaced with weary resignation.
I was alone while she had a car packed with family and they all spoke Spanish. Great. Then a truck packed with more people she knew stopped to see what happened and they all spoke Spanish too. Really great. After 6 years of High School Spanish, you would think I would have recognized at least some of what they were saying, but no. Which could be a good thing since I only remember the curse words.
I called 911 on my pathetically out of date cell phone and was assured they would send someone right away. Sure. I guess “right away” is synonymous with “two hours” in police speak.
I spent those two hours standing in the sun next to a girl that hit my car and counted gawkers, all of whom had their windows rolled down and music blaring and I realized something. Everyone in this city has crappy taste in music.
Only three people asked if we needed help. Well, 3 drivers and one group of kids that walked by, but when they offered us a phone I think what they really meant was: want to buy this stolen phone? Wow. One woman even stopped to ask directions. (I gave her the correct ones, BTW. Honest.) And one cop car went by... slowly... but did not, I repeat, did not stop. He even shrugged as I made the universal, “Hey! Where are you going??!” signal with my hands. Nice.
Today, I called the insurance company. One phone call turned into three and a tentative appointment where the insurance company of the girl who hit my car actually expects me to drive one city over in order to have their guy ‘assess the damage’ to mine to make an offer. Um, what? I don’t think so. She. Hit. Me. I’m driving no where. They should have to come to me.
I have a feeling this is going to get tedious and annoying really quick. What struck me (ha) as funny was the girl on the phone telling me that they haven’t ‘accepted liability’ yet. That’s cute. Are their stages of grief for Insurance companies?
I can’t believe I missed Jeopardy for this, but I guess it doesn’t matter since David won... again.
I guess the moral of the story is this: buy the new underwear when the mood strikes.

Angel quote of the day:
Cordelia: “Ass pansy!”


Henry said...

The real moral of the story is: You should have learned your Spanish!
WHats the deal with underwear and accidents-isn't that one of the old Mom adages?
Glad your OK!!

mr. schprock said...

My wife got into an accident that was 100% not her fault and it was up to me to do all the insurance stuff. Very fortunately the other person's insurance company was cooperative and the job got done and we had a loaner car the entire time. Hopefully things will work out the same for you.

Did this happen to your "new" car?

NYPinTA said...

"You should have learned your Spanish!"

Says the man that actually got an 8 in Spanish! An 8!! :P

No, it wasn't the new car.

trinamick said...

I was just going to ask the same thing. Hope you weren't trading this one in.

The clean underwear thing is a must. I've been in a few accidents and boy was I glad I listened to my mother!

If it makes you feel any better, I took 5 years of Spanish and I only remember the curse words and "Tres cervezas, por favor." :P

John said...

You may leave the house with clean underwear, but who's to say they'll stay that way after an accident?

NYPinTA said...

BTW- when I say 6 years of High School Spanish, I mean 4 in HS and 2 in Jr. High. Just clarifying.

LL said...

And here I thought you were going to say that your senior year was the 6 best years of your life...

NYPinTA said...

I figured someone would, so I felt the need to clariy.