Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fluck and Percrastination

Quote of the Day: “The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand.” ~Lewis Thomas

Song of the Day: Radio

State of mind: bored, with myself mostly

Date: 7/12/05

My sister finally got a computer and twice this weekend alone she made her daughter call just to tell me to get online so she could chat with me. (Like actually speaking to me would be so hard!) So I obliged because I am, after all, a good sister. (Her favorite, or so she claims.) I’m also her only sister.
Anyhow, during our chat she typed in a word that I swore she misspelled. “Fluck”. I laughed at her. I thought she meant to say fluke. No. She meant “Fluck”. It’s a word she made up that apparently she uses all the time. Freaky luck, or something, is what it is short for. I laughed again. Fluck. Awesome. I have to use that sometime soon.
In return, I introduced her to “Frell”. If you are a fan of Farscape, then you already know what it means, and if you aren’t, then what the hell is wrong with you!? It’s the writers substitute swear word so the characters can go around swearing their pretty little heads off without actually swearing. You can guess what it means. I love that word. It’s so deceptively pretty. Oh frell! You frelling moron!! Move the frell out of my way! Nice. Fuck is vitriolic. I think it’s the hard ending. It really has some punch. But, it is so overused that now it is simply annoying when someone uses it. Show some imagination when I cut you off in traffic, will ya! Damn.
Other sci-fi shows have replacement terms for off colored words. I’m not sure about this, but I think sci-fi might be the only genre where they thought this was necessary. Or it’s the only genre that really has the opportunity to have replacement swear words. Could you imagine Sipowitz saying “Frell” or “Frak”, the Battlestar Galactica equivalent to frell? Or Tony Soprano? How would “Frell” sound coming out of his mouth, every other word? Hahahahahaha. He woulda been sleeping with the fishes by now if he talked like that.
Once upon a time swear words were not taboo. I remember reading that somewhere. It was the oh so perfect Victorian Era upper crust morons that decided suddenly such crude language was beneath them. Really, I think they had too much time on their hands. So, instead of working for a living, they sat around and made up rules to live by so they could watch each other and point out when someone wasn't living up to those rules. *sigh* What a life. (They would have made great "window sitters.") Oddly, it reminds me of another Angel quote that I won’t be able to get to for two and a half more seasons. Ilyria is upset that Wesley tried to kill her and this is the following conversation:
Wesly: Does it sting you...my betrayal?
Illyira: Betrayal was a neutral word in my day. As unjudged a word as water or breeze. No. Or perhaps...I am only bothered because I am bothered.

I just love that line. “As unjudged a word as water or breeze.” (Even if MS Word does not recognize ‘unjudged’ as a word.)
I guess all of my rambling is just my way of saying I love words. I really love made up words and it reminds me of a skit that used to play during one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon. (I can’t remember the name of the show BTW.)
Anyhow, it was sniglets. “What's a Sniglet? A sniglet is a word that should be in the dictionary but isn't. Sniglets are the brainchild of comedian Rich Hall who, with a little help from his friends, wrote a series of books containing sniglets in the mid-eighties.”
I might try and slip one sniglet into my daily conversation from now on. Or not. What’s the word for wanting to do something in your head, and not doing it in the real world? Sort of like procrastination, but it’s something only I want to do, so it doesn’t count. Percrastination? Because it’s something I personally want to do, but don’t yet… eh, maybe.

Also, this weekend marked the first time I actually spent any of it outdoors. I went to visit a friend that had a child 8 months ago. As the kid gurgled and wiggled about on a blanket on her deck we lounged in her brand new deck rockers and just sat. She lives in a small town about a half hours drive from my house and damn is it quiet there. I miss silence! So, I indulged in as much of it as I could on her back porch. And yeah, the kid is cute too.

PS, Congratulations Missouri! You’re number one!

Angel quote of the day:
Darla: Thought I was dead.
Angel: You're not dead.
Darla: I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Angel: I know what you mean.


trinamick said...

My grandpa used to use the word prognosticate all the time. I thought it was A) made up, or B)something you only did behind closed doors. Turns out it is a real word,and it's not nearly as dirty as it sounds. What a letdown.

NYPinTA said...

I think my second favorite kinds of words are the ones that sound dirty, but aren't.

Henry said...

Sniglets were actually on "Not Necessarily the News", which was on HBO.
Also starring the hilarious Stuart Pankin, and the refreshing Anne Bloom.
And my favorite Sniglet was Cinemuck--that crap on the bottom of the movie theater floor that your feet sticks to-that you pray to God you never ever accidentally touch.

NYPinTA said...

Ok, so my memory is a bit falty when it comes to cable channels from my childhood. :P Whatever.
I must have had it mixed up with "You Can't Do That On Television."
Or something...

Henry said...

Yeah that was the show with Alanis Morrisette. And the one where if you said something they dumped water on you--and the original green slime show.

mr. schprock said...

What I like are the words you read but never take the trouble to check their pronunciation. I used to say "awry" like "AHR-ree" and "cache" like "cake" (you know — rhymes with "ache"). Someone I work with does that all the time.

John said...

I remember both "Not Not Necessarily the News" and "You Can't Do That on Television" vividly.

I always watched Not Not Necessarily the News, even though I was probably too young to understand most of the jokes. I remember sniglets were the high point for me, because kids like made-up words. I loved HBO when I was a kid. They had Fraggle Rock, and Brain Games (Brain Games in now...over), and every Saturday at 8 o'clock they showed a new movie. I wasn't always allowed to watch the movies, but my parents always let me see the opening, with the little model town and that opening music "Duna-duna-du na na, du na na, da nana..."

Man, I'm all nostalgic now.

NYPinTA said...

I loved Fraggle Rock!

I also remember watching the half hour long special they did showing how they made that opening with the little town and all...

Spirit Of Owl said...

There's nothing like words for saying exactly what you mean, unless there isn't one, and then you have to enelabricate - meaning make a word up on the spot when required to because the right word doesn't already exist at least to your knowledge.

That was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

NYPinTA said...


Bush does that. But in his case it's called mispronunciation.

trinamick said...

I want one of those shirts that says, OK, you win. It's "nucular".

LL said...

" I think my second favorite kinds of words are the ones that sound dirty, but aren't."

Why doesn't that surprise me. And you have the nerve to disparage my good influence... *sigh*

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to masticate...

Henry said...

I remember that half hour special about the making of that intro. It was like a Lucasfilm DVD extra or something. They were very proud of that.
I also remember they used to play videos on HBO. Video Jukebox or some shit.

John said...

You should rename this blog "Talking to Kevin" Just sayin'.

NYPinTA said...

Well, we aren't exactly on a first name basis...

Stellar said...

Is fugly a word?