Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Quote of the day: "We can't fix it." the guys that came to get our internet back up and running.
Also: "Psychics will lead dogs to your body." Supposed fortune cookie message.

Song of the day: "I Am the Highway" by Audioslave

State of mind: numb

Date: 7/19/05

Today is tuesday. I haven't had internet at work for the past two days and I gotta tell you, my job sucks without it. It's amazing how little I actually have to do when you subtract all the internet searching, free cell playing, blog reading, and BB posting from it. Should I feel guilty about that? Huh... well, I don't. They are the ones that bought me that fancy thing that sits on my desk all sleek and super speedy. The funny thing is, when we had our old system the building never got hit by lightening. Since we switched to internet we've been hit two times! Who said lightening never strikes twice?
I'm home now, using dial up. Ugh.
I got my latest Amazon.com purchase. I should really buy stock in them. Only fair, right?
I got "The Time Travelers Wife." So far, I like it. But then I am only 12 pages in.
As I was reading it, I was watching Jeopardy. Anyone remember Ken Jenning? The guy who was the returning champion for that last two years? Well, I liked him for some reason. You wanted to root for the guy. Well, they have another one. He's won for the past 11 days, but I keep hoping he will lose. Does that make me a bad person? I looked up from my book after Final Jeopardy and saw he was the victor yet again and actually said outloud, "Crap!"
Oh well.
Here is my adventure for the day: There was an explosion on the street paralell to mine this morning. As I was walking out to my car to go to work I heard a loud BANG! and I thought it was the garbage men, because it sounded like heavy metal on metal and cursed because I figured they were blocking the street. As I drove around the corner however, there was no truck. But about halfway down was this thick black smoke and I thought the neighbors were burning their trash, which is odd because that is very very illegal here. As I got closer I saw that it was coming out of a manhole and the cover was on the lawn. Being oh so observant in the A.M. it didn't occur to me that there were no work trucks near the manhole till I was half a block up and about to turn. So, I called 911 on my cell despite it also being illegal to drive and talk on your cell phone at the same time. Is there an exemption if you are talking to 911? I wonder.
Anyhow, I explained the situation and drove to work wondering if my street was going to blow up. You know because I haven't taught my cats how to work the fire extinguisher yet. I thought I had time...


cali said...

Yeah, I keep hoping this guy will lose too. But then i wanted Ken Jennings to lose too. Does that make me doubly bad?

NYPinTA said...

Yes. :P

LL said...

Pure evil. Not even Stellar can compete...

mr. schprock said...

I never watch Jeopardy, which is too bad because I like it a lot. A couple of weeks ago I had my chance when I visited my parents and my mother was watching it. Wouldn't you know it? It was one of those shows where none of the contestants seem to know anything! Bummer. Very dull and strangely uncomfortable — I felt kind of embarassed for them. It looked like Alex Trebec was thinking, "What a bunch of deadweights the producers saddled me with." I could have won that show!

Stellar said...

That is pretty shitty, NYP. I mean that guy probably has a family at home who've been surviving off of dog food (the bulk kind, not that gourmet stuff) while he's been locked in a room with an almanac. Here's there one chance at income and they've got people like you and Cali putting the hex on them. Why don't you take turns holding them down while the other kicks them in their malnourished and distended bellies?

For shame.

On a totaly unrelated note, this reminds me of an episode of Wheel of Fortune in Las Vegas. The puzzle was Comedian Don Rickles and the contestant shouted "Comedian Don Ruckles". I would've thrown myself in front of a subway train, if I were her. I mean where can you go in life after something like that?

trinamick said...


And there's never enough time to teach cats all the proper safety and emergency procedures.