Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Time passing, hedonism & an insecurity complex

Quote of the day: Apparently it’s, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!” ~Epicurus, or Dave Matthews Band.

Song of the day: “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay

State of mind: A little disorganized.

Date: 6/14/05

I had the oddest thought as I woke up this morning. It was ‘does time really pass if you are not there to witness it?’ Sort of like the tree in the woods… Of course, when I went to bed it was night and when I woke up it was morning, so something happened; which got me thinking about dreams and dreaming. Most people believe that dreams are the unconscious burning off extra energy, purging itself… but what if all they really are is just to give us something to measure the passing of time with? I mean, I really hate it when I don’t dream. It’s like I wasted time while asleep, which is odd since I love wasting time when I am awake! Also, I would love to have a lucid dream, but so far, no joy. The closest I have come is wondering why I can’t run any faster while I am dreaming. I think I get to the point where I am just about to realized I am dreaming, but then I get sucked right back down in it. I could waste tons of money on gadgets to ‘wake me up’ during REM sleep, but really, it isn’t THAT important. (It would just be really really cool IMO.)

I took the quiz Steve left on his blog ...and got some surprising results. The biggest surprise is that I am 45% Kantianism. How can I be something that I have no idea what that is? I’m also a little surprised to find out that I am only 30% apathetic. Guess I’ll just have to try harder. Ha.

You scored as Hedonism.

Your life is guided by the principles of Hedonism: You believe that pleasure is a great, or the greatest, good; and you try to enjoy life’s pleasures as much as you can.

Hedonism 80%
Existentialism 70%
Utilitarianism 65%
Strong Egoism 60%
Justice (Fairness) 50%
Kantianism 45%
Apathy 30%
Divine Command 0%

I never thought of myself as a hedonist, but ok. I’ll give it a shot.

Looked it up online: Kantianism is a deontological theory based around the writings on Ethics by Emmanuel Kant.
Kantianism takes into account the actions of others, if we see others acting in a particular way regularly then we assume that it is a correct course of action. That said we must also take into account the motive of the action (since Kantianism is a branch of deontology) so that even if the outcome of an action is good if the motive to commit the action was negative then the act is immoral. As an example, if we donate to charity for the purpose of tax deductions, even if the outcome is good (where the charity has extra funds to help the needy) the motive was in self-interest and so the act is not morally sound.

I tried looking up “Strong Egoism” and instead of finding a site that gave a definition; it listed at least 8 blogs that had the results from their taking the test as well. LOL. What a weird example of interconnectedness!

Last thing: Big Earth

Since last year, astronomers have been finding extra solar planets left and right which is very very cool.... but it's funny that they are all so much bigger then us. I think the only solar system we have discovered that has planets smaller then us is this one! I'm beginning to develop an insecurity complex about that. LOL!

Angel quote of the day:
Angel: If the day ever comes that I --
Cordelia: Oh I’ll kill you dead.
Angel: Thanks.
Cordelia: What are friends for?


trinamick said...

I have freaky dreams, but none where I could ever claim logic to be involved.

As for your test,

Divine Command 95%
Justice (Fairness) 70%
Utilitarianism 70%
Existentialism 65%
Hedonism 45%
Kantianism 35%
Apathy 25%
Strong Egoism 10%
Nihilism 10%

cali said...

Omfg - your(NYP - Trina scored just a lil better in the divine department!) test results were eerily the same as mine, except maybe the ego thing.
AND I have trouble running fast in my dreams!

NYPinTA said...

Oddly, they didn't even list Nihilism on mine at all... I wonder why? Hmm. I mean, could it be less then 0% or possibly more then 100%?? LOL!

LL said...

Everything you didn't want to know, and wouldn't be caught dead asking...

Justice (Fairness)65%
Divine Command 55%
Existentialism 40%
Apathy 40%
Utilitarianism 40%
Kantianism 35%
Nihilism 25%
Hedonism 25%
Strong Egoism 20%

NYPinTA said...

"Strong Egoism 20%" ?

Why do I find that hard to believe? ;)

Spirit Of Owl said...

I get lucid dreams. It's usually involved with flying, and I get to go roof hopping. Seriously weird, and I always wake up very confused. :p

Oh dear, I'm an existentialist, so I don't get to blame anyone if I do something dumb. ;)

Existentialism 100%
Hedonism 95%
Utilitarianism 85%
Kantianism 45%
Nihilism 15%
Strong Egoism 10%
Apathy 10%
Divine Command 0%

LL said...

" "Strong Egoism 20%" ?

Why do I find that hard to believe? ;)"

You think it should be lower then? :P

trinamick said...

I'd have put it at 90% at least. :P

LL said...

Well... not all of us can excel at hedonism like you...