Friday, June 03, 2005


No quote of the day. This day doesn't deserve one.

Or a song of the day either.

My state of mind? Shredded.

Date: 6/3/05

I went home yesterday and my house was still standing. No fire. Yay.
I had another Vet appointment for Stanley, the cat with allergies. The good news is, the cone is off. He's now free!! Free to be a royal pain. LOL. But he's happy, so whatever. Somehow though, both of my cats took the sign of his newfound freedom to mean that they can get up on the table now. I don't know how that translated, but there they both were everytime I would look out into the dinning room. Brats. But they were happy, so whatever.
After the headbanging-on-the-desk-out-of-frustration-that-can-only-be-described-as-possibly-INFINITE kind of day I have had, I wish such little things could make me so happy. But... whatever.
Tomarrow I will sleep late.. the sleep of the righteous, and not worry about any of this paperwork black hole until monday.
See ya then. Oh joy.


cali said...

Have a good weekend at least! :)

LucyDDCF said...

wait wait... where is your angel quote of the day?

Spirit Of Owl said...

Aww, poor nypinta. There there. It will all be better.

(I'm sending you mucho support since you didn't think you got enough for your last post... ) ;D

mr. schprock said...

As a fellow cat person, I wish you a relaxing weekend (as I sit here in my office on Sunday, but shed no tears for me).

Stellar said...

Update your blog, slacker.

trinamick said...

What's the deal? I'm going through withdrawals here. As for Stellar, I think he's always like that.

Stellar said...

Like what?

NYPinTA said...

"Update your blog, slacker."

You're killing me. *shakes head in disbelief*

I cause withdrawals? Cool.