Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Procrastination sucks.

Quote of the Day: "%&*%@#*%&*#$@%$!!!!!"

Song of the Day: "Take This Job and Shove It." Who sang that?

State of mind: stressed

Date: 6/7/05

Well... it's nice to know I would be missed if I stopped blogging! Thanks.
Work has been increasingly sucky of late. I really- at most times- dislike my job. The internet connection is great, and I don't mind the people that I work with. The commute is awesome. Just four miles down the road AND I don't have to make any left hand turns. But for all the ups, the major down is that the work I do is frustratingly useless. I shuffle paperwork. Useless paperwork. But the kind of paperwork that can cause tons of hassels for other people if I don't shuffle it correctly. Is that really a way to make a living? They say that people who work in offices have more stress then firefighters. Wow. And I've been on fire, so I know how not fun that is. But I tend to agree. The stress firefighters are under is completely natural. Fire bad- be afraid. Makes sense. Office work stress is all man made.
And to make matters so much fun, all that can go wrong has gone wrong in the past two weeks... partly because I am a procrastinator. Not so much in the paperwork part, but telling my boss when there are problems with said paperwork. I have NO IDEA why I don't open my mouth sooner. I guess cuz I am an idiot and I figure I should be able to do it all myself.... it's just paperwork after all. But, again, it's all manmade and that means complications and other people being involved that screw things over and make it SO. Damn. Frustrating. To. Get. Things. Done.
I seriously, seriously need to win lotto.
I don't think I would mind the stress so much if I thought what I did, in the grand scheme of things, mattered.

Angel quote of the Day:
Uncle John: "We don't flaunt our beliefs, but they're very near and dear to us."
Harry: "Oh, please, Uncle John, when's the last time you pried yourself away from ESPN long enough to spill the blood of a she-goat?"


LL said...

"Who sang that?"

That would be Johnny Paycheck.

I'm nothing if not full of useless information...

LucyDDCF said...

Actually you were missed. I almost called you, worried that the arsonist got your house, but then it dawned on me... if the house burned down, you wouldnt have a phone... so... Check your counter! We were watching what you wern't posting!

cali said...

Of course you'd share it with the rest of us if you won lotto, right? Right?

John said...

I was wondering where you were, but I didn't want make any smartass coments in case you had died or something. Boy would may face have been red.

trinamick said...

Here I was all excited to know who sang that, and then HE beat me to it. Jackass. :P

I'd rather be a firefighter than work in this office. But somehow I have a feeling I'd be going up a ladder and my oxygen tanks and all that other crap they have to carry would outweigh me and I would fall over backwards to my death. I don't think that would be much of an improvement over eating chocolate and playing computer games all day.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Why does this keep happening? You are all connected to The Internet. You need never wonder anything again.

Well, not for a long time, at least. Unless it's really obscure, or only answered in Hindi (unless you read Hindi), or maybe includes a phrase like "tall hot black women's legs" or something.

But who sang "*****?" It will always know. Almost. Always.

Spirit Of Owl said...

What's wrong with you. I can hardly move for stress, but I can move paper around like anything.

NYPinTA said...

I know who sang it. I was being cranky.
Moving the paperwork isn't the stress. It's that it is so damn useless, but everyome makes it so important that is stressful.

LucyDDCF said...

are u procrastinating your next post? yohoo.. where are you...

trinamick said...

That's one nice thing about my bosses. They always say, "When you get a chance..." or "I don't need this right away..." I'm much more willing to get it done then.

Stellar said...

Come on!!! Unless you were hit by a bus, then my condolenses. If you were hit by a bus please tell me. Random Squegee may have just been bumped up on my blog check rotation.

- Cross your fingers g_s.

J/k. I hope you weren't hit by a bus... because you're a nice person (and I don't want to move g_s up the list).

John said...

That stings, Stellar.