Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am so tense!

Quote of the Day: "Writer's are all liars my dear, surely you know thiat by now?" Neil Gaiman, Sandman: Dream County.

Song of the Day: none.

State of mind: still distracted

Date: 6/30/05

The other day I was going back through some of my posts on my other blog and boy oh boy do I suck with tenses! (And other things, but let’s move past that shall we?) Whole sections are in past tense despite the fact that 12 parts before it are present. And I have a habit of switching back and forth. Pretty annoying I bet. I used to be good at tenses. I remember at least that much of high school English. That and I really really did not get along with my English teacher. I scared the crap out of her one day when I casually mentioned that I knew where she lived… why that would bother her, I have nooooo idea.
So, my goal for this weekend is to go through the whole thing and fix those mistakes. Some other day I will tackle my prolific use of the comma. Maybe.

In other news, my brain is leaking... Remember when I mentioned that I read 3 books in a weekend? Well, there is a reason why that should not be done. Why? Because when I did that I think I read them so fast that rather then really reading the story I was just storing it in my head like a squirrel with it’s winter stash of nuts in it’s mouth. All puffed up but not digested, you know? So now, the story is leaking into my head at the oddest moments. I wouldn't recommend it.

To the country of Spain: Good on ya! *thumbs up*

Angle quote of the day: (Season 2)
Cordelia: Oh goodie - a pit bull.


cali said...

Told ya, didn't I? All the same, maybe you should just leave them as they are/were.
Much as i love Spain, I have no idea what that comment was about.
(btw - new list).

Spirit Of Owl said...

Tomorrow, there is nothing like a good bit of tension to have had the brain started popping crap all over the place yesterday. :P

I should check out your other blog. It's absolutely ridiculous, but I never have. Duh. I will, but tomorrow, cause now I have to sleep.

On the other thing, I'm with cali. What has Spain done right?

LL said...

"What has Spain done right?"

I can only presume it has something to do with John and Jose being able to finally get hitched now.

Oh and PinTA? You need to work on the difference between breath and breathe too... :P

NYPinTA said...

Really? *sigh* You know... any time I spell something wrong, you can be an 'e' is involved!!
Frelling E!

NYPinTA said...

Oh, and LL is right about Spain.

John said...

What's that, LL? I couldn't hear you over your sheep's lascivious bleeting.

But hey, what you do with a bottle of whiskey, some KY jelly and duct tape in your own barn is your business.

NYPinTA said...

La la la... I don't want to know about any sheep and KY jelly!!!

cali said...

I still don't know what the spanish connection is.

NYPinTA said...

I put in a link. I couldn't get it to work in the comment section for some reason. *shrugs*

LL said...

" What's that, LL? I couldn't hear you over your sheep's lascivious bleeting."

Well damnit, get out of the barn and stop fondling the sheep. Sheesh...

" Really? *sigh* You know... any time I spell something wrong, you can be an 'e' is involved!!"

You might want to work on be and bet too... :P

NYPinTA said...

har har.