Monday, June 13, 2005

Dance of the Seven Fans

Quote of the day: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” ~Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan)

Song of the Day: “Love Reign O're Me” by The Who

State of mind: pretty relaxed

Date: 6/13/05

I hate summer. I didn’t used to. Where I grew up, there was a bus that would take you to the town park that had three swimming pools. One for the kiddies, one for just swimming and the deepest for diving. I didn’t spend a lot of time in any of the pools, but just to be there and know I had that option was nice. Later, we got a pool at our house. It was an above ground that was only four feet deep. My favorite thing was coming home from work at night during the summer and going for a swim under the stars. It was so peaceful. Our neighborhood was ridiculously quiet and in the middle of nowhere.
Where I live now I don’t even know it there is a city pool and the yard isn’t really big enough for even a blow up kiddie pool that holds only 4 inches of water. Plus, the thruway isn’t that far so ‘quiet’ isn’t something I get a lot of. Not that I am complaining, except that wait.... yes I am.
There are a lot of advantages to where I live now. Having a landlord that mows my yard for one thing. The ability to get fried shrimp delivered to my apartment at two in the morning is another. Can a person forgo quiet for fried shrimp? Turns out the answer is ‘yes, yes you can.’
It even sounds different when it rains here. It’s harsher somehow. Most of it lands on roofs or concrete of the street and sidewalk. I still like the sound of it however, even though most of the water will be washed away down drains instead of soaking into fields, the rain sounds more alive somehow. More musical.
We’ve gotten a lot of rain this past week. It’s been humid and every day at around 3:00 a thunderstorm hits. It breaks up the heat and washes everything clean, but the winds have been playing havoc with the trees. Despite the oppressive heat, I have yet to turn on the air conditioning. I spend all day at work with blurred vision and headaches because they have the air blasting away, I’ll be damned if I’m going to do it at home. So, I have resorted to what people without air conditioning have resorted to for years. Fans. Lots and lots of fans. I have seven going right at this very moment. One is blowing right on me making my hair stand up like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. (But I don’t think I will be exploding any brick walls, all though it does feel like I could!) Two are blowing in the living room, the ceiling fan in the kitchen is on, two for the bedroom, and two more in the hall. It’s like a wind tunnel, but with bad pink carpeting.
I could say I am doing this all for me, but the truth is my cats are miserable. Stanley not so much, but the Misty Cat has got to be suffering. She’s such a ball of heat even in the winter, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be covered in that coat of fur. She’s been lying in the hall with her belly to the air all day. Any time she finds a cool spot, you can tell because she stretches out and looks at me like I’m the devil for not turning on the air. Poor kitty. Too bad. I have relented and let her get up on the dining room table though. It’s covered in white laminate and is cooler then the rug I bet. It isn’t like I use the table anyhow, for anything other then holding my junk mail and the occasional gift wrap job. I tried to take a picture, but every single camera I own has a dead battery. What are the odds?
Anyhow, the heat is supposed to break by the end of next week. I think she’ll be fine till then. Me? Not so much. I hate summer.

Angel quote of the day: the first appearence of Wesley!!
Wesley: A lone wolf, such as myself, never works with anyone. I'm merely allowing Angel to assist me. I'm a rogue demon hunter now.
Cordelia: Oh, wow. What's a 'rogue demon'?


Henry said...

I remember that pool---Is it still open?

I remember yours too!

NYPinTA said...

As far as I know. Haven't even been by it in years!

I miss my pool.

cali said...

"Wednesday, June 15"
Getting ahead of yourself a lil? Or is this an indication that you don't intend to post for a couple of days? Or did I just unknowingly sleep through two days?

If only you could channel the energy from your wind tunnel, you'd be able to generate electricity. To power the air conditioning with for instance.

NYPinTA said...

har har!

That is so wierd. I didn't touch the date....

trinamick said...

Our city pool closed this year. The pipes below were leaking some kind of nasty crap into the pool, and they're too friggin' cheap to fix it. Gotta love small town city councils.

LL said...

Just throw the cat in a cold shower. She'll cool right down. Then as she runs through the house like a striped assed ape, you'll get that misting effect with the fans...

Spirit Of Owl said...

I'm amazed you went urban after having a rural upbringing. I seriously want to get out of the city. I've been doing it in stages, though, and finally I'm getting to the outskirts!

If the weather gets too much for them, you could shear the cats, and maybe sell the fur for a/c funding.

NYPinTA said...

I don't think there is a big market for cat fur.
Besides, I do have an air conditioner. This monstrosity that sticks out of the wall in the dining room. I just don't like to turn it on because it gives me headaches.
Funny thing about where I used to live and where I live now is only seperated by a distance of 7 miles. Urban sprawl hasn't become a problem here until just 5 years ago. Where I work, there used to be a dairy farm just down the road... Now of course, it's abandoned and the land is for sale to build houses on. *sigh*