Friday, May 27, 2005

Time, and some Nuns!

Quote of the Day: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~Albert Einstein

Song of the Day: “Reflection” by Tool.

State of Mind: kinda tired actually

Date: 5/27/05

Where the heck did May go? I think it got washed away down the gutter by all the damn rain!!
I was thinking about time the other day… and who actually invented it. This train of thought was brought on by reminiscing about mix tapes, which used to be a favorite past time of mine, despite all the math.
You get a tape with an hours worth of room, then you have to pick which songs are worthy of being re-recorded, then you have the tedious task of trying to figure out if they will all fit. If you were lucky, on the inside of the liner notes, the band included the length of the song. If not, you had to time it. Then the math begins. With the times of the songs all in a column, I would try to add them up all the while reminding my self that 60 seconds turned into 1, not 100 like regular math. What a bitch!! Because of my lack of faith in my own skills as a mathematician, I usually had a lot of dead air at the end, but I couldn’t have that so then the hunt would begin for a two-minute instrumental to fill in the space… one that sounded cool if it got cut off. Not too many of those in the world of heavy metal.
But that got me wondering, who the hell came up with 60 seconds in a minute? Or 60 minutes in an hour? Why can’t there be 100 seconds in a minute and 100 minutes in an hour? It’s all arbitrary. We can say there are as many seconds in a minute as we want. Why not make it something easily divisible. Sheesh. And while I am on the subject, why 12 months in a year? There should be 13. There are 13 full moons and 364 is easier to divide by 13 then by 12. Thirteen 28-day months.
I’m also of the opinion that the year should end on the winter solstice and not 10 days later. Makes more sense really. Then the exact halfway point would be the longest day of the year.
Coming up with the name of the 13th month is kind of hard though. Loki, the god of mischief in Norse mythology, deserves his own month don’t you think? Anyhow… I’m open to suggestions.

Two Nuns were just in the dealership talking to the GM. Shouldn’t the place have spontaneously combusted as soon as they stepped on the property? Or at least some rumblings of judgment… but no. No divine fires poured forth from their eyes. They talked, giggled a bit, and then left. What a waste.

Just for fun Courtesy of RKO.

Angel quote of the day!

Angel: "Am I intimidating? I mean, do I put people off?"
Cordelia: "As vampires go, you're pretty cuddly."

Cordelia: "You're a lot smarter than you look. Of course, you look like a retard."


mr. schprock said...

I'm no science major or mathematician or anything, but I don't think you can avoid leap years. I do like 13 months though. If I'm not mistaken, didn't they come up with a metric clock and calendar? Everything base 10? That would solve all your problems, wouldn't it?

NYPinTA said...

*shistles innocently*
Leap years? Don't know what you are talking about. ;)

Did they? Why aren't we using them then?? Harumph!

steve t said...

See, if you spent more time listening to AFI than Tool, you'd have no problem in finding the two minute songs.
Did you see Primer? I watched it and didn't have a clue what was going on the whole way through. I actually made it to the end and then thought wtf was THAT about?

John said...

There is a thirteenth month already. Damn Smarch weather!

NYPinTA said...

"Did you see Primer? I watched it and didn't have a clue what was going on the whole way through. I actually made it to the end and then thought wtf was THAT about?"

lol. No. I haven't yet. I was like that after watching Donnie Darko... the first time.

Smarch? Never heard of it.

John said...

Neve heard of Smarch? You really do need to watch more Simpsons. How do you function in today's society without being banished to the land of wind and ghosts?

NYPinTA said...

I get by.

trinamick said...

Yeah, that's just what we need. Another month that can pass by without my accomplishing anything so I can reflect some more on how I'm never going to amount to anything and I'll probably die with the laundry unwashed and the car not waxed and no cure for amoebic dysentery.

Great idea. I can't wait.

NYPinTA said...

Your Welcome!!

PS I actually had to look up amoebic dysentery and I kind of wish I hadn't.

trinamick said...

The gift that keeps on giving!

trinamick said...

Oh, and can you teach me how to shistle innocently? Unless it's something dirty, then I'll pass. :P

NYPinTA said...

shistles = shifty whistling. The kind people do when they are full of crap.

See.. not dirty.

LucyDDCF said...

my grandma used to *shistle* and it drove me nuts. She'd do it when she got mad about something or was deep in thought.

OH NO... Your turning into my g'ma... eeeekers

Spirit Of Owl said...

It must be because I'm over the pond, but I'm always late to this party... Anyway, the druids had time all worked out - Stonehenge is basically Windows 3000BC.

LL said...

Why have months at all? Why not just one calendar that begins on day 1 and ends on day 365 (366 for leap years).

That way you'd know when deadlines were and such...

shifty whistling huh? Hmmmm...

Bill said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, and for taking the time to comment!

Time... it's a strange concept... I doubt that the rest of the inhabitants of the planet pay much attention to anything except seasonal changes and the difference between day and night...

Somehow I think we'd all be a lot more relaxed without all of the 'deadlines'.