Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Feature!

Quote of the Day: “Rain rain, go away. Come again another day.” ~I don’t know who said it first, but we are all saying it now.

Song of the Day: radio

State of Mind: eh

Date: 5/25/05

Our computers were down all day. This happens with alarming frequency.
The day goes so slow when the only things you can do are file, photocopy, and play free cell. No internet. No e-mail or blogs to read. It was hell. Oh… and some work stuff that I have to get done. I have to squish 8 hours of work into two. Fun.
I have nothing to say other then periodically the line “I shouldn’t have killed an unarmed man!” comes into my head and I still laugh. I don’t think George meant it to be that funny, and yet it is.

New feature! Angel quote of the day! I loved this show so much, that I am going to add one quote from Angel from each episode in order. Enjoy!
Season 1 Episode 1:
Russell: Look at me. I pay my taxes, I keep my name out of the paper, and I don’t make waves. In return I can do anything I want.
Angel: Really? Can you fly?


trinamick said...

I feel your pain. I was without internet the other day, and it almost killed me. I was forced to clean off my desk. I don't cry, but that nearly made me tear up.

LucyDDCF said...

ahhh ha ha ... I had the net yesterday!

What do u think of the rubber ducky border paper i put in the bathroom? pic posted on my blog!

Spirit Of Owl said...

You know that thing about trees falling in the forest that don't make a sound when nobody is there to hear it? Well, I'm not sure that I exist when the Internet connection goes down.

NYPinTA said...

Nor is true about a man who is wrong when no one else is around either. :P

Lucy, the pics aren't loading... I just get the red X. But, it is probably my computer.

LucyDDCF said...

ok i will email them to u from my luvbuglucy account.