Friday, May 06, 2005

More words of wisdom....

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane."
~Philip K. Dick

Song of the Day: radio

State of Mind: It's Friday!! Wheeee!

Date: 5/6/05

This is an actual converstation I had with my mother:

Mom: I think the elephant is the only animal that can kill a bear.
Me: What about a hippo? Or a rhino?
Mom: I don't think a bear would come across either one of those.
Me: But they will elephants?
Mom: In the circus.
Me: Oh. Right. The elephant vs. bear attraction. *I roll my eyes*
Mom: No. But I think it's actually happened.
Me: Oh.
Long Pause.
Mom: I don't even think a lion could kill a bear.
Me: Well, it depends on the circumstances, and if you had a smart enough lion....

Uh huh.


Henry said...

That Mom of yours....
I was at least smart enough to get in her good graces--and I love when I call and she says--"you make me sick how nice you are in the morning"

John said...

And now...

10. A larger, angrier bear
9. A confused, falling Sperm Whale
8. A swarm of some kind of insect, like a really big swarm that gets in it's eyes and stings it a bunch of times
7. I'm pretty sure a boa constrictor could kill a bear
6. Davey Crockett
5. Martians maybe?
4. A giant crocodile like the one in Lake Placid (That one did it a bear. And Betty White had the mouth of a sailor. I love that movie.)
3. Candygram.
2. Flowers.
1. Land Shark.

Oh yeah, and elephants.

NYPinTA said...

Oh, and Brad Pitt. Didn't he kill a bear in 'Legends of the Fall'?

trinamick said...

Well, he just cut off its toe. It killed him in the end, though, so I guess it had the last laugh. Probably took its toe back too.

Maybe it should be a top ten list of animals that can maim a bear. You know, cuz that would be easier.

John said...

Oh thanks for ruining the end of the movie!

LucyDDCF said...


mr. schprock said...

Remember when Winnie the Pooh got stuck in the hole in Rabbit's house? Rabbit could have gone medieval on him, no sweat. So that's my answer: a rabbit.

NYPinTA said...

That would make it a killer bunny rabbit! With pointy teeth.

"Oh thanks for ruining the end of the movie!" Oh.. but it is how that makes it interesting! The bear gets all Macguyver and uses some pine cones as mini bombs and... well. You just have to see it.

steve t said...

John missed out Brett Favre from his list. Actually he kills bears AND lions twice a year each.
Strange you should mention Brad Pitt - he thinks he looks like me.....

NYPinTA said...

"Brad Pitt - he thinks he looks like me....."

Does he have people bugging him for your autograph all the time too?

steve t said...

Yesss! How did you know?

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Another one of those deep, important conversations we have with our parents!

Stellar said...

Daryl Hannah.

trinamick said...

With or without the eye patch?

LL said...

There's a difference?

John said...

" There's a difference?"

Oh yeah. Depth perception is a vital component of taking down a bear.