Thursday, May 19, 2005

I am such a geek.

Quote of the Day: “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” ~Obi-Wan

Song of the Day: “Guilty” by Gravity Kills

State of Mind: hectic and wishing it was Friday

Date: 5/19/05

Unless you live under a rock you know that today is the opening day for Revenge of the Sith, the supposed last episode in the Star Wars saga.
Unlike many die-hard fans, I did not sleep on a sidewalk to see the movie at 12:01. I know… I’m such a slacker. However, I did make my mother buy me all white winter outerwear back in 1981 so I could look like Princess Leia on Hoth after seeing The Empire Strikes Back. Not the same, but whatever.
Normally, I try to maintain a veneer of non-geekiness but the chink in my armor has always been anything Star Wars. (Now it also includes Farscape and Firefly, but that is another post.) I think it is because A New Hope, (as they are calling it now), was my very first introduction to sci-fi. I have been accused of being a Star Trek geek as well, but that was by La Bomba and he likes to wear women’s clothes, so… people living in glass houses, shouldn’t be trying on their wife’s undies to feel pretty, that’s all. :P
Like any good geek, I have issues with the movies. What fun is it loving a movie if you can’t pick it apart piece by piece? None I say! So far, as a “Han shoots first” gal, I have resisted the urge to purchase the DVDs of the first three. I do have my principles after all, but I must admit that my resolve is wavering. I think I’m going to rent them all this weekend and wallow in all the Force filled Star Wars goodness that is ANH, ESB, and ROTJ.
But because I am feeling mean, here is a list of the things that I didn’t like about the first three movies:
Episode IV: nothing really. I’m even ok with the silly hairdo everyone likes to make fun of. Oh wait! I am talking about the original movie… the one where Han Shoots First!
Episode V: nothing at all.
Episode VI: ok, this is where GL started to succumb to the dark side. Maybe he wasn’t aware of his feelings, but he sure was aware of the money.
I did love the ewoks though. I have one. Wikket and he’s adorable. But, I was 12, which I think proves my point. The thing is, if you had been under the heels of the Empire for 20 something years and had lost many of your friends and family in a two decade long rebellion, wouldn’t you be seriously embarrassed that the creatures responsible for bringing the Empire down were a bunch of inarticulate Care Bears?! I wouldn’t even admit I was part of the rebellion at that point. I read somewhere that it was supposed to be wookies. Now that I can see! (I think he’s trying to make up for the ewoks in Revenge with all the wookie battle action, but it’s too little too late.) Of all the things he has changed, you would think he could add a few CGI wookies in the forest of Endor. I wouldn’t object to that.
I also read somewhere that Leia was not originally supposed to be ‘the sister’ and I can understand that it might have been difficult to introduce another character at that point, but I think it would have been cool. Mostly because there is only one freaking girl! I would have appreciated a light saber wielding, ass-kicking female in there somewhere too. Plus, of the two of them, Leia has a greater reason for kicking Vader’s ass. I mean, yeah sure the storm troopers killed Luke’s Aunt and Uncle, but Vader tortured her and blew up her whole damn home world! So why does he get to battle the dark lord? I think she should have gotten a few shots in too, that’s all. Or at least been a little more eager for Luke to kick his ass for her. (Also, Han offering to step aside for Luke was completely out of character IMO.)
Having said all that, I love these movies and I realize that it is so much easier to second-guess someone else’s creation then to come up with your own, (but it is more fun.)
Someday, I’ll point out things I didn’t like about Episodes I and II, but I’ll have to do it in bullet form because there are waaaaaaaay too many.


trinamick said...

Huh. You really are a geek. Good to know.

That said, I might be a little geeky too. I used to have an R2D2 and C3PO. I liked Ep. IV. Wasn't a fan of Ep. 5, because it focused more on Darth Vader, was a little darker, and I was a kid the first time I saw it. Ep. 6, loved it! BIG fan of Ewoks, cuz they kicked butt while being cute & cuddly. I wanted to love them & hug them & call them George.

I'm waiting till this weekend to see Ep. III. Hope it's not as sucky as the last two. Hope Jar Jar dies a bloody, painful death too.

Hate Star Trek, love Farscape & Firefly. Never intentionally dressed up as a character, though a friend's mom did make me wear Leia hair once. That was awful.

mr. schprock said...

My favorite so far is Empire Strikes Back, but the early returns show the critics are raving about Revenge of the Sith, so who knows? I might have a new favorite.

I hate Ewoks, BTW.

NYPinTA said...

Even my nephew, who was 8 when he saw Episode 1 thougth Jar Jar was annoying.

mr. schprock, Yub Yub! :P

John said...

In a way, I actually do have a box of nerds sitting on my desk.

NYPinTA said...

How do you have a box of nerds sitting on your desk 'in a way'?

John said...

Well, the box is the computer, and you're all inside it.

LucyDDCF said...

THE REAL QUESTION which everyone is over looking is...

ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR THE PRINCESS LEA OUTFIT TO the new star trek movie? (did I spell that right? not a treckie fan despite all best efforts, even lied once and said i read a book a certain friend insisted I read, but never did)

NYPinTA said...

"Well, the box is the computer, and you're all inside it."
I can't believe I walked right into that one.

Lucy, no. At least I can say that I don't dress up like any of the characters from any sci fi movie or tv show... although if I could look as good as Claudia Black in leather pants, I would do so every damn day! LOL!
BTW- what book?

smoothdime said...


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Vavoom said...

This is a great blog! I just found it. I'm also a star wars fan that didn't camp out. I'll watch the latest addition to the saga this weekend. I'll come back and tell you how I liked it.

Spirit Of Owl said...

I refuse to comment on yet another blog post about Star bloody Warts! Oh, bugger.

Right, while I'm here, LucyDDCF - you're on the Internet! You are connected, even as you post, to the most incredible research tool in the world!! Love it or hate it, Google will tell you how to spell Princess Leia!!!

And the nerds in the box gag was way funny. ;)

ben said...

hey there, wanted to say, nice blog...keep it up.

by the way, some geeks are sexy, however, nerds are not.