Monday, May 09, 2005

Highlander and Random stuff. Some would call it potpourri. ;)

Quote of the Day: It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor. ~Neil Gaiman, Sandman

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Mood: melancholy

Date: 5/9/05

Only 6 years late: I’m a little sad today because I watched the last of the Highlander on Saturday. I watched the show when it was on TV, but somehow I missed season 6. I think that was about the time I was working two full time jobs, which sounds tiring, but oddly I had more energy; and more money. (No time to spend it.) That was nice.
Anyhow, thanks to Netflix, I finally got to see all of Season 6 and discovered that I didn’t miss much. There were only 13 episodes that season, and Adrian Paul was only in about half… and some of those that he was in, he was only there for a scene or two. The opening credits were changed to include Elizabeth Gracen, (as Amanda) and Peter Wingfield, (as Methos) but they were in even less then Adrian Paul was. She was in the last two episodes only, and he was in the last three. What a screwed up season.
It seems that the producers were desperately looking for someone to do a spin off show and so half of the episodes were devoted to new characters and their story as psuedo-pilots. Aren’t spins offs usually with an already established character that everyone likes so much they get their own show? Like Fraiser or Angel. Eventually though, they did do a spin off show with Elizabeth Gracen called Highlander: The Raven, but instead of the show focusing on her, they focused on the cop. Whatever.
The show was cancelled after one season, and I can’t believe they don’t get it as to why. They had this idea of the show before they had which character was going to star in it, and when Elizabeth Gracen became available, instead of altering the concept of the show to fit the character of Amanda they tried altering Amanda to fit the show. Have they never met genre fans?? Again… whatever.
Well, at least I got some closure. Now I know how the show ended. Badly.

Random thoughts:

What are eyebrows for? What is their purpose? Eyelashes are to keep dust and stuff from getting in our eyes. Nose hair is a filter, and I bet the same is true with ear hair… and ick BTW… but what exactly is the reason for eyebrows?

Our alphabet consists of 26 letters, and when you say all of them, each is like the sound that it makes most often, except W. Say it. Double U. That is the only letter that when it is said doesn’t resemble the sound it makes. I should be Waa, or something. Weird.

Lastly, why is it that if I paint my toenails and my fingernails on the same day, the paint on my toes still looks great after a week, but my fingernails look like crap by day two. It isn’t like I’m not using my feet. I walk on them everyday…

Highlander may have ended badly, but I still got 6 years of Duncan Macleod goodness:
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Henry said...

I would like to vote for whu for the sound of double u.
thats a short u
whu--not wooo or wewww

steve t said...

Also "Y" doesn't sound much like"Yuh". "Why" is that?
The reason for eyebrows? For raising (one at a time).

NYPinTA said...

Ok then:
W(Whu), X(ex), Y(yah), and Z(zee).

Much better. :D

trinamick said...

Duncan McLeod. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm!

Or in English, "Yeah, baby, yeah!"

NYPinTA said...

See, my posts are boring, but I make up for it with pretty pretty pictures. ;)

John said...

I missed this yesterday. I think that sideways winking face was directed at me. Or Alex Trebek.

steve t is right about the purpose of eyebrows. Plus without them we'd all look really weird like Whoopi Goldburg.