Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Everyone has a story

Quote of the Day: “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” ~Aesop

Song of the Day: “Something to Be” by Rob Thomas (yeah, again.)

State of mind: Perpetually one day ahead.

Date: 5/18/05

It occurred to me the other day that with all of blogs out there that do not suck, people are more articulate and interesting than I originally thought. I am constantly finding new ones with everyday stories that are well thought out, witty, and most importantly, not boring. I guess the old adage is true: everyone has a story.
Most of mine include daring tales of my own stupidity and or bad luck.
Today’s post is not about me however, but a man that came in the office today. From the moment he step foot in the office he was telling tales and dropping names of countless celebrities that I have never heard of but they sounded like the kind I should know, that I wanted to know. Neat trick that.
He was with out a doubt, the slickest salesmen I had ever seen, and I work at a car dealership.
He had his gray hair in a pony tail tucked in his baseball cap, was missing a few teeth and the few he had were out of line, wearing a sweatshirt and ratty jeans, but boy oh boy could that man sell! It was funny that he was smoother then our spit shined clean-shaven fellas on the showroom floor. How sad is it he could out suave used car sales men?
He came in and I thought he was a contractor hired by the GM to repaint our place but before we knew it he sprayed some miracle concoction on his rag and wiped away years of mechanics fingerprints off our white walls and door. Wow. It was our very own personal infomercial. With in moments the two other women in the office had asked to buy two bottles each. I, being so frugal, (yeah, right), was able to withstand his schpiel and didn’t buy anything. That, and I really hate cleaning.
He’s gone now and the office is once again a sea of tranquility… except for the big clean blotch he left on our door. Sell he could, but finishing what he started, he didn’t. Typical salesman.

BTW- my cat Stanley with the bad eye cost me 250 bucks at the vet. And that’s American dollars. * sigh * Tomorrow I find out if his eye is a result of allergies or a virus. I should have gotten a goldfish.


John said...

I just alphabatized all my links. It's scary the legths I go to avoid posting something new.

That salesman did he come in contact with all the celebrities he mentioned? Did he sell his cleaning stuff to them? "We scrubbed down Mickey Rourke using new improved Filth B Gone, and now he almost looks human!"

trinamick said...

"This miracle cleaner will take off all Rupaul's makeup. Did you know there's a man under there?"

NYPinTA said...

I don't know how he knew all the celebrities but apparenlty he even got a 'shout out' on MTV Cribs.

cali said...

You should've offered to pay the vet 250 pounds sterling. He might have fallen for it. :)

Spirit Of Owl said...

Yup, you could offer £250. Yes indeed, the vet just might have "fallen" for it... specially since that is currently US$459.174!!!

Sheesh. What is it with you guys and exchange rates? :-)

NYPinTA said...

I think Cali is just teasing me because I do suck at exchange rates.
*uses best 'valley girl' voice* Like, math is hard.