Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Quote of the Day: “What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death.” ~Dave Barry

Song of the Day: “Show Me How To Live” by Audioslave

State of Mind: disorganized

Date: 5/31/05

Ever have one of those days that should be a great day and yet isn’t? Me too. And today is that day. The weather is finally great, I made it to work on time and I’m not swamped, yet… I have this nagging feeling of dissonance.
Also, I just discovered that I have my underwear on inside out. That just isn’t right.
* sigh *
So, to make myself feel a little better, like I am actually accomplishing something, I thought I would add this link. A sad number of kids don’t have books. I can't imagine what that would be like. I have too many. Gonna have to do something about that!

Geek rant of the day: this weekend I rewatched The Empire Strikes Back on DVD. (I didn't buy them... I just rented them!) and I noticed that they changed some of the dialogue.
It is when Luke is on Dagobah and R2D2 falls into the swamp and gets eaten by the swamp monster, or so Luke thinks, until he comes flying out squeeling as he arcs overhead. After Luke rights R2D2 he used to say: "It's lucky you don't taste good." Now, Luke says something like, "Good thing you got out of there." What? WTF is that? Are they actually trying to imply that R2D2 flew out of the swamp with his rockets that he has in the prequels, but not in EP IV, V, VI??? Whatever.

Angel quote of the day!
Angel: "People called them the Cordettes. A bunch of girls from wealthy families. They ruled the high school. They decided what was in, who was popular. It was like the soviet police if they cared about shoes."


John said...

I started to watch A New Hope last weekend, but I only have it on VHS and it's...ugh...fullscreen. I couldn't watch it, half the opening crawl got cut off because of the reformatting. I don't like a lot of the new changes, but I need to get the DVDs. In widescreen.

It's going to take a while for you to get to my favorite Angel quote. It's from the last episode of season 3.

NYPinTA said...

There are a ton of good quotes in the later seasons. Was it something Wes said? He was awesome in S3... in a sad, I betrayed all my friends sort of way.

A friend of mine sent me the original Star Wars EPIV on tape. I am the keeper of the Star Wars archives. LOL. I can't watch it though. My VCR broke.

Also, they changed the dialogue between Vader and the Emperor. Originally the Emperor mentions Luke and Vader says nothing, not even the slightest bit surprised. Now, when he is told Luke is Anakin Skywalker's son, Vader is shocked and says, "How is that possible?"
*sigh* Whatever.

John said...

Yeah, it's something Wes says to Lilah. It was really harsh and funny as hell.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Wow, you're all blathering on about Angel and Star Wars when what I really want to know is did you manage to sort your knickers out?

mr. schprock said...

I borrowed a friend's Episodes IV, V and VI (the latest iteration) and watched them all this weekend. Let's see: the Emperor is now Ian McDiarmid in "Empire Strikes Back" instead of the bug-eyed Emperor (Clive Someone-or-Other), and Hayden Christensen is now the immortal Anakin at the end of "Jedi Strikes Back." But Leia still remembers her real mother. And Obi-Wan only mentions that Anakin was a fine pilot when he met him (not a little boy). But I am happy to report that "Empire Strikes Back" still holds up.

Oh, and Danny DeVito plays the chief Ewok now in VI. That was an improvement.

Jim Donahue said...

>>Also, I just discovered that I have my underwear on inside out.

Better inside out than over your clothes.

NYPinTA said...

" I really want to know is did you manage to sort your knickers out?"

Short story: yes. ;)

"Oh, and Danny DeVito plays the chief Ewok now in VI. That was an improvement."


Spirit Of Owl said...

"Short story: yes"
Thank God, I was worried sick.