Monday, May 16, 2005

Cats and French Fries

Quote of the Day: “I hate Mondays.” ~ Garfield

Song of the Day: “Piano Man” by Billy ‘Crash’ Joel

State of mind: resigned

Date: 5/19/05

I just wanted to publicly state my ‘gratitude’ to the national franchise of McDonalds for screwing me out my french fries… again. Look, I know you people are suddenly concerned for my health and well being, but give me my damn fries when I order them!! * grr *

I have to leave work early today because my dumb cat scratched his face again, because his eye is bothering him, again, and I had to put him in the cheerleader cone… again. But, he is a ridiculously lovable cat so I won’t complain. Much.
Oh wait… I just did.
Man I hate Mondays!

For the geeks out there, (like me!), only 3 days till Revenge of the Sith. I am guardedly optimistic that this one won’t suck and maybe, if for some reason I am feeling mean, I’ll tell you all the problems I have with Episodes I, II, and IV. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Obi Wan goodness:
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John said...

If I was a bastard, I'd say, "That's Obi-Wan? It looks like Clay Aiken." Good thing I'm not, huh?

NYPinTA said...

If I was a real bitch, I'd find out where you live and send you singing telegrams dressed like clowns every day for a month. Or impersonators that looked like David Hasselhoff...
Good thing I'm not though too, huh?

NYPinTA said...

Ok.. maybe not a month. A week. Yeah.. just a week.

Henry said...

I thought it was Ryan Seacrest
Actually I didnt, just trying to get a rise out of you.

Henry said...

Its not going to suck--its not going to suck--its not going to suck.
I mean c'mon Jar Jar is hardly in it, it can't be that bad??

NYPinTA said...

It could be better if Jar Jar gets torn to pieces by hungry Wookies.
But I doubt that would happen...

John said...

I've got my tickets for 7 PM Thursday night.

Of course, I already read the super spoilery review on Kevin Smith's blog, so I pretty much know what happens. He says it's "F-ing awesome." I think that fits well with my original theory that it can't possibly suck (exluding any sucky elements left over from the first two sucky movies)

trinamick said...

Most of the suckiness was used up in the first two, so I don't know what could be left over. Unless maybe William Hung is a Jedi.

John said...

Well, there's things you can't change. Like, even if this movie is the greatest piece of cinamatic work in the history of film, baby Luke still ends up getting hid on Tatooine at the end of the movie. Tatooine is Vader's freaking homeworld! Not only that, but they stick him with Owen and Beru, who Anakin met in the last damn movie. Why not just put a big flashing light on the kid and make him hold an "Anakin's my Daddy" sign?

LucyDDCF said...

John your my new hero. john "Of course, I already read the super spoilery review on Kevin Smith's blog"
yea i paid my 2 bucks and read it too.

mr. schprock said...

George Lucas has a lot of ’splainin' to do and I think he will. It will all make sense.

NYPinTA said...

"Tatooine is Vader's freaking homeworld!"
That's what I keep saying!! Doesn't make sense.

PS William Hung should be torn apart by hungry Wookies too... all while singing La Vida Loca.