Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Vehicular manslaughter, Mike Tyson, a Thailand/Burmese guerilla and books!

Quote of the Day: “If I die, I forgive you; if I live, we will see.” Spanish proverb

Song of the Day: Two by Two ~DMB

State of Mind: frazzled

Date: 4/13/05 (which is also the birthday of my frog hating, truck driver loving, mother of two, lit match throwing sister. Happy B-Day Mary Francis!)

Four things today!
1) I almost hit a guy with my car yesterday on my way home from work. And when I say ‘I almost hit’ I mean that my aim was way off.
I turned the corner and there he was, right in the middle of the road. Just standing there in his faded ripped up jeans. As I slammed on the brakes of my 4 cylinder-killing machine, I couldn’t help but think: ‘whoa buddy. 1987 is back that way!’ Maybe I should have hit him. When the cops showed up and I pointed out his wardrobe, I believe they would have understood that it was a mercy killing. At least he didn’t have a mullet… which may be all that saved him. That, and I am pretty sure that my car is made of paper mache and would have crumpled like a cheap geisha fan under the impact of his body.
2) My mother’s co-worker who was a former guerilla soldier in the Thailand/Burmese jungle has a theory about why foreign workers are going into the technology field with greater frequency. Actually, the theory itself doesn’t matter. I just wanted to write out that first sentence because, damn, when are those particular words ever going to come together in such a fashion again?
3) Why is Mike Tyson still allowed to breath, let alone fight? I don’t get it.
And finally:
4) My BOMC catalog came today. Uh oh. I can’t resist books. Books, CDs, and chocolate are my three weaknesses. Well, three of them anyway. In the past two weeks alone I bought 11 books. (Including a biography of Arthur Rimbaud, which I haven’t read yet, but did skim through, and my first impression of him is that he’s a bit of an asshole; but I’ll reserve final judgment until I actually get around to reading it.)
I was going to be good and just throw the catalog out, but I also have a weakness for catalogs. Under the heading of ‘Brain Power’ was my favorite kind of book: a book on words! “Descriptionary.” It’s a backward dictionary organized by the meanings of the words. Genius! So, I guess this means that technically, I’ve ordered 12 books so far this month.
BTW- the habit of inserting words like ‘um’ in conversation is embolalia.

Oh, we have a late entry. I was cruising the MSN website and noticed this: Oops
Anyone else ever read The Stand? Um, yeah….


LucyDDCF said...

that was an intresting post.
Happy B-day Sis M if your reading this.

trinamick said...

Well, at least now I know why I've been losing a lung for the last month. If I die, I want you to sue in my behalf. Meanwhile, I'm going to cough on as many people as possible.

I throw away the BOMC catalog. Too tempting, so I don't even look at it. Which is what I should do with the rest of my catalogs, but I'm too weak.

Stellar said...

Arthur Rimbaud? Saw the movie. There's a suprising amount of dong in it.

Henry said...

Tell her to imagine I am tickling her. I'm sure here response will be: "Sta-hah-pit"
I miss her.

steve t said...

Yeah, we need to hear more from the thai/burmese guerrilla fighter - everytime i eat a mango now, which is quite often, i think of his colleague dying for one.
Gotta love the description made by a scientist of the decision to distribute a deadly virus around the world; "unwise".

NYPinTA said...

"everytime i eat a mango now, which is quite often, i think of his colleague dying for one."
aww! I'm sorry. LOL. Wasn't my intention to ruin mangos.
Never thought I would say that...